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The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin (also known as The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin) is a 1986 Russian-Japanese animated film that was originally released as a three part serial. It tells about the life of an Adélie Penguin named Lolo and the adventures he gets into.


Two young penguins' curiosity about their world leads to encounters with humans and other denizens of the Antarctic.

Dubbing History

The first dub of Lolo was produced in the late 80s by Moscow-based Filmexport Studios (though it was initially thought to have been made in the United Kingdom) and distributed by Sovexportfilm. This was mostly just a straight translation and dub of the original film, with the names, music and titles from Lolo intact. The only figure credited for the English production is Nikolai Kurnakov, who was the translator for the dub, while voice actors were completely uncredited.

The second and far more notorious dub of Lolo was produced by Jim Terry Productions and distributed by Enoki Films USA as The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin. This specific version was heavily edited from the original version, not only by combining all three parts from the serial into a seventy-six minute film, but also by cutting a large number of scenes, changing the character names, and changing the musical score entirely (with some added background songs as well). In a strange twist of fate, the Scamper dub of the film ended up being reused for several other dubs of the film, with only a select amount of dubs of Lolo being sourced from the Russian version.

Cast (Scamper)

Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Svetlana Stepchenko Cheryl Chase
Lyudmila Gnilova Kathy Ritter
Rolan Bykov Richard Rossner
Elena Sanaeva Mona Marshall
Grandfather Pigo
(Mr. Feather)
Vyacheslav Nevinny Jan Rabson
Natalya Chenchik Mona Marshall
Tatyana Kuryanova
Lyudmila Gnilova Kathy Ritter
The Scientist Yuri Volyntsev Jan Rabson
Poacher Captain Vladimir Ferapontov
Jack Yevgeny Leonov
Poachers Vyacheslav Bogachev
Vladimir Soshalsky
Jan Rabson
Richard Rossner
Narrator Alexei Batalov Mona Marshall

Additional Voices


  • This is a list of scenes that were deleted or rewritten in the Scamper dub of the film.
    • The small overture containing post-production credits and plays glass harmonica music and both scenes of the Aurora Australis. Instead a newly done theme song plays as the titles instead.
    • The scene of Toto asking Popo why he is leaving is altered, in the original, there was snow in the area, in this version, the snow is removed.
    • The scene where Toto tells Lolo why he can't go off yet is changed to him telling him about when he fought the seagulls.
    • The scene where an adult male penguin (named Gugu in the original and Gray Beak in this one) alerts Toto (Gilbert) of seagulls. In the original version, he is alerting about humans.
    • The first conversation that Lolo has with Grandfather Pigo is altered. He now encourages the young penguin to "(metaphorically) explore the world". In the original version, Pigo is trying to avoid Lolo's questions.
    • The scene of Lolo invading a bird's nest, attempting to befriend a baby seagull, and being attacked by an adult seagull.
    • The scene of Lolo being spanked by his father Toto.
    • When Toto learns that Lolo and Pépé had disappeared from the colony, he asks what he's going to do with Lolo. In the original, he proposes a search party to find the two of them.
    • The scene where Pigo talks about the humans after the scientist drops off Lolo is changed to him not believing Lolo about the scientist saving him. In addition, Toto's line after that is changed to him telling Lolo he is "really in trouble" instead of telling him that he would talk to him at home.
    • The scene where Pigo falls from a hill is altered. The children's laughter from the elephant seal incident is now reused for the falling incident.
    • The scene where an orca is about to eat a leopard seal.
    • The scene where Nini tells Lolo to sit out of class for showing off. In the original version, she tells Lolo, that he is not old enough to swim yet.
    • The scene involving the death of Toto, as well as several other adult penguins, though all the scenes where the poachers had rifles with them were kept.
    • The scene where poachers are drowning from a tidal wave.
    • The scene where the community of penguins mourns the fatalities was edited.
    • Most scenes with blood are edited, with the exception of Lolo's wound from being abducted by a seagull.
    • There is an added "The End" at the end of the film.
  • Australian home video distributor Force Entertainment released the film on VHS and DVD in 2005 using the Filmexport dub of the movie re-edited into a full length film, however, their release also cut various scenes in a far more hasty manner than the Jim Terry dub. This was likely done for both censorship and due to the quality of the filmprint used. These deletions include:
    • The Aurora Australis at the beginning of the film. (It is kept at the end of the film.)
    • The opening narration at the beginning.
    • Toto spanks Lolo.
    • Part of the Kindergarten scene with Nini, where the young penguins are running and sliding on the block of ice.
    • Lolo and Pepe try to get the attention of xenophobic penguins.
    • Jack talking to the three caged penguins.
    • Lolo, Pepe, and Mak slide down the banister.
    • Lolo, Pepe, and Mak swim for the first time.
    • Grandfather Pigo being shot.
    • The scene where Toto fights for the rifle, but gets shot and killed.
    • Three background penguins shot and killed (but the following scene is kept, and the dialogue of Grandfather Pigo explains Toto had perished.)
  • The original music composed by Masahito Maruyama is replaced in the Jim Terry version by a new score done by Bullets.
  • The Jim Terry dub adds a number of dialogues and vocalizations to where there wasn't in the original. For example, when one penguin's rocks are taken from him, he wails "Hey, my rocks!", while he says nothing in the original.
  • As was typical for Jim Terry Productions, the opening credits do not have an actual correlation to the voice cast, instead listing numerous fictional names.
    • Tyler Weed
    • Danielle Romeo
    • Cody Walker
    • William Romeo
    • Virginia Masters
    • William Oliver
    • David Miles Monson

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1990 VHS.jpg Jim Terry Productions NTSC United States United States
Feature Films for Families 1992
2004 DVD.jpg 1
Force Entertainment 2005 VHS.jpg Filmexport Studios PAL Australia Australia
DVD.jpg 4
Sterling Entertainment 2006 VHS.jpg Jim Terry Productions NTSC United States United States
DVD.jpg 1
Stepping Stones Entertainment 2012

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