The Adventures of Buratino

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The Adventures of Buratino (Приключения Буратино Priklyucheniya Buratino) is a 1959 Soviet animated film adapted from Alexei Tolstoy's retelling of Pinocchio, The Little Gold Key or The Adventures of Buratino.

Dubbing History

The first dub for the film was made in the early 60s as part of the Cap'n Sailorbird package of imported animation. The film was cut into five-minute pieces and serialized. It was also shown in the Nutty Squirrels Presents package series. As with other made-for-TV dubs of foreign animation during this time period, no information is available aside from that the English dub was produced by Russian producer Fima Noveck and television distributor Flamingo Telefilm. Buratino's name was changed to Tatino and the dub only has an uncredited narrator. In the United Kingdom, one segment from the dub was released on VHS by Children's Video Network. In the United States, four segments from the dub were released on DVD by Something Weird in the 2000s.

The second dub was done by Jim Terry Productions in the 1980s as The All-New Adventures of Pinocchio. The characters in this dub were given the names they had in Carlo Collodi's original book (Buratino became Pinocchio, Papa Carlo Geppetto, Malvina the Blue Fairy). This version was released on VHS on many labels in the 80s and 90s.

The third dub was done by Video Associates and The Entertainment Network in the early 1990s as The Adventures of Pinocchio. The dub was recorded by Sound International Corp in Miami, Florida.

The fourth dub was done as part of the Stories from My Childhood series of dubs done by Films by Jove, titled Pinocchio and the Golden Key. While most of the characters kept their original names, Buratino was renamed Pinocchio. This dub was mostly done in Vancouver with some celebrity voices recorded in Los Angeles, and showed up on VHS and DVD in the mid-1990s.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Jim Terry Jove
Nina Gulyaeva Kathy Ritter Joseph Mazzello
Papa Carlo Yevgeny Vesnik ¿? Mel Ferrer
Giuseppe Georgy Vitsin ¿? ¿?
Malvina Tamara Dmitrieva ¿? Teryl Rothery
Pierrot Margarita Korabelnikova ¿? Ian James Corlett
Karabas Barabas Alexander Baranov ¿? Don Brown
Alisa the Fox Elena Ponsova ¿? ¿?
Basilio the Cat Vladimir Lepko Jan Rabson Bill Murray
Mother Rat Tatyana Strukova Kathy Ritter ¿?
Rat Yulia Yulskaya ¿? ¿?
Cricket Vladimir Patomsky Jan Rabson Ian James Corlett
Boy in Queue Maria Vinogradova ¿? Jason Gray-Stanford
Doctor Owl Leonid Pirogov ¿? Ian James Corlett
Nurse Toad Erast Garin ¿? Kathleen Barr
Healer Cricket Sergei Martinson ¿? Terry Klassen
Tortila the Turtle Anastasia Zueva Kathy Ritter Kathleen Barr
Duremar Grigory Shpigel ¿? Garry Chalk
Narrator N/A Jan Rabson ¿?

Additional Voices

Jim Terry Dub

Films by Jove Dub

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