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TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness (てんぷる, Tenpuru) is a 2023 anime series based on the manga series with the same name written and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka. The author is also well known for being the artist for another manga series he made with writer Kenji Inoue known as Grand Blue Dreaming. The amime series is Kazuomi Koga and animated by Gekko. It originally aired in Japan on Tokyo MX and AT-X from July 9, 2023 to September 24, 2023. Crunchyroll produced an English Dub of the anime, which premiered on July 22, 2023.


Akagami Akemitsu has spent his days and nights absorbed in studying and part-time work in an effort to distance himself from his family, which is notorious as a household of philanderers. One day, he falls in love at first sight with a girl named Aoba Yuzuki, and suddenly he's constantly drowning in worldly desires. Hoping to fight back against his genes and live a more stoic life, he enters a temple... only to find out that it's a convent filled with gorgeous girls!


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Akemitsu Akagami Masayuki Akasaka Bradley Gareth
Marina Kusunoki
Monica Rial
Yuzuki Aoba Aimi Kelly Greenshield
Tsukuyo Aoba Yū Serizawa Molly Zhang
Kurage Aoba Nanami Yamashita Morgan Lea
Mia Christoph Madoka Asahina Marianne Bray
Kagura Baldwin Sumire Uesaka Celeste Perez
Kiki Chiaki Takahashi Monét Tatianna Lerner
Nyagosuke Chika Anzai Monica Rial

Episodic Characters[]

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Harukaze Akagami Shinji Kawada Kent Williams 1
Mia's Mother Saki Fujita ¿? 3, 9
Hoan Kijo Jun Fukuyama ¿? 4, 6-7, 11
Tsukina Aoba Kana Asumi Natalie Van Sistine 4, 12
Mana Tsukishita Miyu Kubota Veronica Laux 5
Yūki Kana Yūki Wakai Kristen McGuire
Mari Tsukishita Chiharu Bree Han 7-8
Asahi Tendō Ayasa Itō ¿? 10
Yō Tendō Aina Aiba ¿?
Mahiru Tendō Mikoi Sasaki ¿?

Additional Voices[]

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Content Country
Crunchyroll Logo July 9, 2023 Anime Digital 12 eps. United States United States

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