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Tarzoon, Shame of the Jungle (Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle) (also known as Shame of the Jungle and Jungle Burger) is a 1975 Franco-Belgian animated film directed by Picha. The English version, released in 1979, was written by Saturday Night Live's Michael O'Donoghue and featured a cast of American comedians. The American release was later renamed Shame of the Jungle after the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate threatened to sue, and the film had to be redubbed accordingly.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Tarzoon/Shame Georges Aminel Johnny Weissmuller, Jr.
June Arlette Thomas Emily Prager
Queen Bazonga Paule Emanuele Pat Bright
Chief M'Bulu Claude Bertrand Christopher Guest
Charles of the Pits #1 Pierre Trabaud Brian Doyle-Murray
Charles of the Pits #2 Roger Carel Andrew Duncan
Professor Cedric Addlepate Guy Piérauld Guy Sorel
Short Roger Carel Christopher Guest
Brutish Marc de Georgi Adolph Caesar
Nurse Lita Recio Christopher Guest
Reporter Philippe Dumat Bill Murray
Stella Starlet Laurence Badie Judy Graubart
Craig Baker ¿? John Belushi
Narrator Bernard Dhéran Bob Perry

Additional Voices[]


  • There are a few instances where the two Charles switch voices.
  • The song the soldiers sing is undubbed in the English version.

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Media Home Entertainment 1979 VHS NTSC United States United States
American Home Entertainment 1994
Lace DVD 2011 DVD 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Another World Entertainment 2011* Denmark Denmark

*Bundled with The Missing Link and The Big Bang.

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