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TAJ Productions was an American post-production studio founded in 1982 by Larry Juris. They were known for producing English dubs to anime, most notably Pokémon (Seasons 1-5), The Slayers, Revolutionary Girl Utena & The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Their clients included 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, The Right Stuf International & The Pokémon Company International. The studio has since closed in February 2009.








Specials & OVAs


Talent Pool

Initially, TAJ's dubs were recorded at Buttons Studio and later at Sonomat, Inc until 2003. 4Kids would use their facilities until they created their own in-house studio.

Voice Actors

  • Greg Abbey (also known as Frank Frankson & John Campbell)
  • Norman Altman
  • Leah Applebaum
  • Sebastian Arcelus* (now focused on film & stage career)
  • Joan Baker*
  • Roxanne Beck (also known as Annie Pondel)
  • Sharon Becker* (also known as Cookie D'Goodie)
  • Peter R. Bird
  • Amy Birmbaum* (now lives in Atlanta)
  • Matthew Black
  • Craig Blair*
  • Maddie Blaustein
  • Jonathan Boggs
  • J. David Brimmer (also known as Michael Alston Baley)
  • Joanna Burns
  • Jessica Calvello (now located in Texas)
  • Teresa Campbell
  • Matt Caplan
  • James Carter Cathcart (also known as Jimmy Zoppi & Billy Beach)
  • Ross Charap
  • Shannon Conley (also known as Sonny Dey & Vibe Jones)
  • Duane Cooper
  • John Corallo
  • Janice Cost
  • Cliff Cosgrove
  • Stacia Crawford*
  • Alden Crews
  • Daniel Cronin*
  • Lucien Dodge (moved to California in 2013)
  • Nicole Dooley
  • Joe Dopico
  • Bryan Fenkart
  • Crispin Freeman (moved to California in 2001, also known as Mark Percy)
  • Michal Friedman
  • Tracy Friedman
  • Jay Goede (also known as Philip Bartlett)
  • Michelle Goguen
  • Amanda Goodman (also known as Mandy Bonhomme)
  • Jayne Grand
  • Wayne Grayson (also known by his real name, Vinnie Penna and Hans Brikfeice)
  • Dan Green (real name James Hadley Snyder, also credited as Jay Snyder)
  • Michael J. Haigney (also known as Roger Kay)
  • Dana Halsted*
  • Megan Hollingshead (moved to California in 2004, and again to Nashville in 2021)
  • Rebecca Honig
  • Matt Hoverman (now lives in Los Angeles)
  • Carol Jacobanis
  • Eli James*
  • Sondra James
  • Gene Jonson
  • Cassidy Kahn
  • Sean Kenin (also known as Sean Reyes)
  • Carrie Keranen (also known as Evelyn Lanto and Caroline Lawson)
  • Laurence Klein
  • Michele Knotz
  • Christopher Kromer
  • David Lapkin
  • Jessica Lauren
  • Cliff Lazenby
  • Klara Leopold
  • Ted Lewis (also known as Ed Paul)
  • Paul Liberti (also known as Paul Frank)
  • Rachael Lillis* (also known as Cooper McQueen, relocated to California)
  • Michelle Linden
  • Jerry Lobozzo (also simply credited as Lobozzo)
  • Gary Mack (real name Gary Littman)
  • Natasha Malinsky (also known as Rhonda Krempa, previously did work in Singapore for Odex)
  • Jim Malone
  • Caren Manuel (also credited as Caren Lyn Manuel and Kelly Davis)
  • Amren Mazlumian
  • Bill McClure
  • Jamie McGonnigal* (moved to Maryland in 2014)
  • Rich McNanna
  • Matthew Mitler (mostly a live-action actor)
  • David Moo*
  • Emlyn Morinelli (also known as Emily Williams, previously did work in Singapore for Odex)
  • Josh Mosby
  • Mary Murphy
  • Suzy Myers
  • Rachael Nanstad*
  • Stacia Newcomb
  • Michelle Newman
  • Emily Niebo
  • Cirrai Nimhaille
  • Sarah Natochenny
  • Liam O'Brien (moved to California in 2003)
  • Robert O'Gorman
  • Liam O'Malley
  • Dan Olk (also known as Jack Taylor)
  • Lisa Ortiz (moved to California in 2019)
  • Frederick B. Owens
  • Amy Palant
  • Rodger Parsons (also known as Ken Gates)
  • Kathy Pilon
  • Joshua Popenoe
  • Alissa Porta
  • Lee Quick* (also known as Anne Crosby, Heather Lee, & Heather Quick)
  • David Logan Rankin (also known as Tristan Goddard)
  • Scottie Ray (real name Scott Rayow)
  • Andrew Rannalls* (now focused on film and stage career)
  • Eric Rath
  • Julián Rebolledo
  • Georgette Reilly (also known as Georgette Timoney)
  • Sam Riegel (moved to California in 2004)
  • Junior Rigenbacher*
  • Lara Starr Rigores
  • Bill Rogers (moved to California in 2015/2016)
  • Kayzie Rogers* (also known as Katherine Freeman and Jamie Peacock, retired in 2017, moved to Zanzibar)
  • Charles Rolfe* (also known as Peter Davis)
  • Maya Rosewood
  • Jonathan Todd Ross (also known as Todd Garbeil)
  • Anthony Salerno (also known as Agent Zero)
  • Tara Sands (also known as Tara Jayne, moved to California in 2005)
  • Molly Schaff
  • Sean Schemmel (moved to California in 2013)
  • Erica Schroeder (also known as Bella Hudson)
  • Eric Schussler
  • Jill Seifers
  • Ellen Shanman
  • Adam Sholder
  • Joseph Shore
  • Ami Shukla*
  • Annie Silver
  • Michael Sinterniklaas (now lives in California)
  • Michael Soloman
  • Melanie Smith
  • Nick Stellate (credited as Nicholas James Tate)
  • Neil Stewart
  • Rena Strober
  • Eric Stuart* (relocated to Nashville to focus on music)
  • Nick Sullivan
  • Matthew Sussman* (also known as Nathan Price)
  • Sarah Sweeney
  • Jesse Tarlauren
  • Chris Tsakis
  • Veronica Taylor (real name Kathleen McInerney, also known as B. Simpson and Marcia Lamb, moved to California)
  • Henry Tenney
  • Hilary Thomas (now based in Seattle)
  • Marc Thompson
  • Bill Timoney (also known as Billy Regan)
  • Cassan Treegill
  • Jennifer Visalli
  • Jessica Wachsman
  • Tom Wayland*
  • P.R. Wellington
  • Simcha Whitehall
  • J. Willet
  • Kerry Williams (also known as Elizabeth Tarpon)
  • David Willis
  • Buddy Woodward*
  • Oliver Wyman (also known as Pete Zarustica)
  • Stuart Zagnit (also known as Stan Hart)
  • Zeke Zeigler

† deceased
* defunct/inactive/retired roles.

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