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Super Pig is the English-language version of the Japanese anime Tonde Burin (とんでぶーりん Tonde Būrin), originally created by Nippon Animation with 51 episodes, and based on the manga by Taeko Ikeda. It was broadcast in Japan by TBS from September 9, 1994 to August 26, 1995.

The English adaptation was produced by Saban Entertainment in 1997 and aired in New Zealand on TV2. Despite being dubbed by an American company, the English dub is only known to have managed to air overseas in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Another English dub aired in the Philippines under the title Super Boink; which kept all the original music, but also changed character names.


A teenage girl named Kassie Carlen, comes across a starving pig named Iggy, and feeds it an apple. Iggy is in fact an alien being and a prince, and in gratitude he gifts Kassie the ability turn into a pig with special strength and the ability to fly. Kassie is pleased at getting superpowers but is upset that she has to use them as a pig, but Iggy explains if she can use her powers for good, she will collect a number of pearls, and with enough pearls she will earn the right to user her powers in her human form. Thus begins Kassie's superhero life as Super Pig.

Cast (Saban Dub)

Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Kassie Carlen.png Kassie Carlen /
Super Pig
Karin Kokubu /
Yuri Shiratori Julie Maddalena
Kassie as Super Pig.png
Iggy Super Pig.png Iggy Tonrariano III Yuriko Fuchizaki Derek Stephen Prince
Lance Romero.png Lance Romero Kōichi Mizuno Akira Ishida Richard Cansino
Prudence Plumm.png Prudence Plumm Masami Yamakawa Chie Satō Caryn Rosenthal
Heather Hogwarsh.png Heather Hogwarsh Keiko Kuroha Rica Matsumoto Laura Summer
Harley Hoover.png Harley Hoover Hiromi Kashiwagi Yoshiharu Yamada Anna Garduno
Penny Round.png Penny Round Kaoru Hidaka Junko Asami Wendee Lee
Radfor Tammack.png Radfor Tammack Takuma Mushanokōji Tsutomu Kashiwakura Tom Romero
Ken Carlen Shinichiro Kokubo Kenichi Ono Michael Sorich
Kassie's Mother Rikako Kokubu Yūko Mizutani ¿?
Fowley Fastback Makoto Arashiyama Tarô Arakawa Bob Papenbrook
Milton Massen Jimmy Matsumoto Wataru Takagi Kirk Thornton
Theodorix Pig Tonrariano II Takao Ōyama R. Martin Klein

Additional Voices

Cast (Filipino Dub)

  • Dada Carlos - Colleen Adams (Karin Kokubu)
  • Charmaine Cordoviz - Macy Kramer (Keiko Kuroka) / Jean Smith / Vince Adams
  • Weng Raganit - Binky Arnold III / Suzie / Super Jodie


Date(s) Channel Dub Country
1997-2002 TV2 Saban New Zealand New Zealand
1997 Fox Kids United Kingdom United Kingdom
1998-1999 Fox Kids* The Netherlands Netherlands
1997 IBC-13 IBC The Philippines Philippines

*With Dutch subtitles.

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