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Super Drags is a Brazilian adult animated comedy web television series created by Anderson Mahanski, Fernando Mendonça and Paulo Lescaut for Netflix.

Produced by Combo Estúdio, the series follows the adventures of Donizete, Patrick, and Ralph, three friends working in a department store who are also drag queen superheroes: Scarlet Carmesim, Lemon Chifon, and Safira Cyan—the Super Drags—responsible for protecting the LGBT community.

The series has an English dub featuring the voices of RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Willam, and Shangela.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Patrick / Lemon Chiffon Sérgio Cantú Ginger Minj
Ralph / Safira Cyan Wagner Follare Rod Keller
Donizete / Scarlet Carmesim Fernando Mendonça Shangela
Lady Elza Rapha Vélez William Belli
Vedete Silvetty Montilla Trixie Mattel
Goldiva Pabllo Vittar Jeff Manabat
Junior Lucas Gama Nardeep Khurmi
Sandoval Fernando Mendonça Marz Richards
Jezebel Sylvia Salustti Anna Stromberg
Robertinho / Janjão Guilherme Briggs Henry Dittman
Val Valadão Patrícia Garcia Jaquita Ta'le


Suzy Brasil Dany David

Additional Voices


Super Drags (Credits)

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png November 9, 2018 Netflix Original Series Digital 16+ United States

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