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Super Bomberman R (スーパーボンバーマン R, Sūpābonbāman R, in Japanese) is an entry in the Bomberman series developed by HexaDrive Inc. and Konami as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive in 2017 (which it was also published by Konami) and then, it later ported to other consoles in June 2018. The development team was made up of former Hudson Soft staff, who were taken on the project after Nintendo approached Konami.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main and Secondary Characters
White Bomber Keisuke Koumoto Peter Von Gomm
Black Bomber Shunsuke Takeuchi Johnathan Sabay
Blue Bomber Genki Ookawa Jeff Gedert
Golem Bomber Yoshiyuki Hirai
Great Gattaida

(Golem Bomber Voice)

Red Bomber Yuma Uchida Jeff Manning
Narrator Hozumi Gōda
Phantom Bomber Vinay Murthy
Great Gattaida

(Phantom Bomber Voice)

Yellow Bomber Yūki Yonai Greg Dale
Green Bomber Ayumu Murase Sachiko Hara
Worker Kid To identify*
Pink Bomber Mikako Komatsu Soness Stevens
Aqua Bomber Minami Takahashi Hannah Grace
Bomberman Spaceship Sequence Voice To identify*
Female Reporter
Pretty Bomber/Karaoke Bomber Hitomi Harada Carolyn Miller
Great Gattaida

(Karaoke Bomber Voice)

Magnet Bomber Tetsuya Yanagihara Jack Merluzzi
Great Gattaida

(Magnet Bomber Voice)

Plasma Bomber Yūto Uemura Chris Koprowski
Great Gattaida

(Plasma Bomber Voice)

Buggler Kotaro Nakamura Michael Rhys
Smuggler Hiroshi Shimozaki Blake Crawford
Extra Characters
Other Bombers (American Voice and Dubbing Actors)
Solid Snake Bomber/Naked Snake Bomber Akio Ōtsuka David Hayter
Raiden Bomber Kenyū Horiuchi Quinton Flynn
Ratchet Bomber Makoto Tsumura James Arnold Taylor
Clank Bomber Tōru Ōkawa David Kaye
Master Chief Bomber Rikiya Koyama Steve Dowes
Arbiter Bomber To Identify* Keith David
Grunt Bomber Joseph Staten
Atlas Bomber Dee Bradley Baker
P-body Bomber
Xavier Woods Bomber Xavier Woods
Other Bombers (Japanese Dubbing Actors)
Bill Bomber To Identify* Blake Crawford
Caesar Bomber
Ebisumaru Bomber
Octopus Bomber ¿Hiroshi Shimozaki?
Alucard Bomber To Identify* Chris Nelson
Ayako Katagiri Bomber Diana Garnet
Jehuty Bomber
Nyami Bomber
Princess Tomato Bomber
Reiko Bomber
Anubis Bomber Jack Merluzzi
Dracula Bomber


Norio Wakamoto
Goemon Bomber To Identify*
Lance Bomber
Max Bomber/MAX
Pyramid Head Bomber
Vic Viper Bomber
Vic Viper Zero Bomber
Simon Belmont Bomber Ryan Drees
Bubble Head Bomber Tomomi Shimada
Mimi Bomber
Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
Upa Bomber
Dracula Bomber Norio Wakamoto Vinay Murthy
Balloms (Japanese Voice Actors)
Balloms Manami Kato
Suiko Seto
Gail Emiko Hoshizaki
Shiho Nagata
Jiro Oishi
Yui Takahashi
Tatsumi Adachi

To Identify*[]

  • Hiroki Matsukawa
  • Hiroshi Shimozaki
  • Manami Haniwa
  • Miho Tabata
  • Suzune Okabe
  • Takayuki Nakatsukasa
  • Yoshimi Komiyama


  • Ending Theme: "Hero" (English Version)

Composed and Recorded by: Seima Iwahashi

Mixed by: Yasuhiro Shirai and Eiichi Nishizawa

Cast Coordinator: Chizu Iwaki (Attic Inc.)

Performed by: Aimee Blackschleger (Singer) and Jon Underdown (Chorus)


  • Most of the American voice and dubbing actors return to their roles original roles (Like the voice and dubbing actors of Halo and Metal Gear Solid franchises).
  • The Bombers characters of Portal franchise and Xavier Woods were voiced in the Japanese and American versions by the same American voice actors (This also happens with the Japanese voices of the Balloms).
  • Some of the Japanese dubbing actors who did the voices of main Bomber characters voices, voiced also some major and minor characters like Jeff Manning who voiced Red Bomber, also did of the Narrator and Sachiko Hara who voiced Green Bomber did also the voice of the Worker Kid.
  • Like the secondary characters, this also happens with the Other Bombers (Japanese dubbing actors), like Blake Crawford and Jack Merluzzi, who voiced altogether more than a half of the Other Bombers Japanese dubbing actors.
  • All of the Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Bomber characters English dubbing staff, voiced the same characters of the game being of the few times that they select and used the same dubbing actors as a cameo characters, before the other game was even made and released (This also happen in Super Bomberman R Online).
  • Sometimes, it's easy to confuse some characters with similar voice tones and characterization, like Vic Viper Zero Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber, which the two of them are voice by Jack Merluzzi instead of Blake Crawford.
  • Jack Merluzzi and Diana Garnet have the highest number of voices on the dubbing actors and actresses (Respectively).

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