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Street Fighter II V (ストリートファイターⅡ V Sutorīto Faitā Tsū Bui), is an anime series produced by Group TAC based on the fighting game Street Fighter II. Directed by Gisaburo Sugii, the series first aired in Japan from April 10 to November 27, 1995, on YTV.


Ryu and Ken Masters are close friends and both are martial artists. In order to become better fighters and learn new techniques, they travel the world and are exposed to many different fighting styles, as well as meeting new people. During their journey, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy perpetrated by a mysterious organisation called Shadowlaw, both now face their ultimate challenge and must fight for their lives as they combat the evil M. Bison.

Dubbing History

An English adaptation of the series was produced by the dubbing group Animaze for Manga Entertainment in 1996, using much of the same cast from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, and was released in Australia and the USA as a series of VHS tapes from 1997−1998. The Animaze dub used an untitled instrumental theme composed for it by Mike Egan.

In 1997, ADV Films produced an English dub exclusively for the UK market, also released on VHS. This dub kept the original Japanese intro and outro themes. As it was only released on VHS, as such, it is hard to track down the ADV version.


Image Character Seiyū Manga Dub ADV Dub
Ryu V.png Ryu Kōji Tsujitani Skip Stellrecht Brett Weaver
Tommy Drake
Ken V.png Ken Masters Kenji Haga Stephen Apostolina Jason Douglas
Chun Li V.png Chun-Li Chisa Yokoyama Lia Sargent Tamara Lo
Junie Hoang
Guile V.png Guile Tesshō Genda Kirk Thornton Rob Mungle
Balrog V.png Balrog Tomomichi Nishimura Joe Romersa Werner Richmond
M. Bison V.png M. Bison Kenji Utsumi Tom Wyner C. Markham Anderson
Mike Kleinhenz
Charlie (Nash).png Charlie Nash Ryōichi Tanaka Dean Wein Jay Hickman
Fei Long V.png Fei-Long Kazuki Yao Randy McPherson Andrew Klimko
Vega foto.jpg Vega Kaneto Shiozawa Richard Cansino Vic Mignogna
Sagat V.png Sagat Banjō Ginga Peter Spellos
Dhalsim V.png Dhalsim Shōzō Iizuka Steve Blum
Zangief V.png Zangief Yasuo Tanaka Kevin Seymour
Cammy V.png Cammy White Yōko Sasaki Debra Jean Rogers Carol Matthews
Shawn Taylor
Dorai.png Inspector Dorai Rokurō Naya Michael Forest John Swasey
Street Fighter II V title card.png Narrator Akio Ōtsuka Daran Norris Tristan MacAvery
John Gremillion

Additional Voices


  • Brad Atwell
  • Curtis Billings
  • Bryan Bounds
  • Christopher Bourque
  • Sean Chisholm
  • Chris Corey
  • Rozie Curtis
  • Jason Douglas
  • Steven Foster
  • Randy Fox
  • Hiroko Fukumori
  • Laura Gadbois
  • Tiffany Grant
  • Matt Greenfield
  • Kevin Hinnant
  • Junie Hoang
  • Don'l Johnson
  • Andrew Klimko
  • Larry Koteff
  • Aaron Krohn
  • Stuart Krohn
  • Jason C. Lee
  • Guil Lunde
  • Tristan MacAvery
  • Kelly Manison
  • Hanh Nguyen
  • Frank Page
  • Rick Peeples
  • Rod Peters
  • Phil Ross
  • Chad Rushing
  • Doug Smith
  • Only Spence
  • Greg Stanley
  • John Swasey
  • Ed Vela

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Manga Entertainment 1997-1998 VHS.jpg The Complete Series Manga NTSC United States United States
10 Volumes
1997-1998 The Complete Series PAL Australia Australia
10 Volumes
ADV Films 1999-2001 The Complete Series ADV United Kingdom United Kingdom
10 Volumes
Manga Entertainment 2001 DVD.jpg The Complete Series Manga NTSC
United States United States
4 Volumes
2003 The Complete Series
4 Discs
Madman Entertainment 2006 The Complete Series PAL
Australia Australia
4 Discs

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