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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, known as Street Fighter II Movie (ストリートファイター II MOVIE Sutorīto Faitā Tsū Mūbī) in Japan and Australia, is a 1994 anime film adaptation of the Street Fighter II fighting game written by Kenichi Imai, directed by Gisaburō Sugii and animated by Group TAC.

The film, originally released in Japan on August 8, 1994, was released theatrically in the United Kingdom, France, and Spain, and was adapted into English in dubbed and subtitled format by Animaze for Manga Entertainment. Following the film's release, Group TAC later produced a loose adaptation of the Street Fighter II game, the anime series Street Fighter II V.


Shadowlaw, an organized crime syndicate that deals in drugs and weapons all over the world, is becoming a global threat to all democratic governments on earth, reaching levels of international terrorism that is increasingly worrying for world stability.

An investigation by Interpol, led by Chun-Li and Guile, aims to uncover the paramilitary base from which the terrorist attacks of Shadowlaw are organized, to later eliminate it in a surprise attack. Ryu, one of the best martial arts fighters in the world, is called on to carry out this mission. Unfortunately, his best friend, Ken, has been captured by Shadowlaw and becomes their powerful and faithful servant.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Ryu.png Ryu Kojiro Shimizu Skip Stellrecht
Ken-0.png Ken Masters Kenji Haga Eddie Frierson
Chun Li.png Chun-Li Miki Fujitani Lia Sargent
Guile.png Guile Masane Tsukayama Kirk Thornton
Bison.png M. Bison (Vega) Takeshi Kusaga Tom Wyner
Vega.png Vega (Balrog) Kaneto Shiozawa Richard Cansino
Balrog.png Balrog (Mike Bison) Jōji Nakata Joe Romersa
Sagat 2.png Sagat Shigezō Sasaoka Peter Spellos
Master Gouken.png Master Gouken Hideyo Amamoto Michael Forest
Eliza.png Eliza Hiromi Tsuru Wanda Nowicki
E. Honda.png Edmond Honda Daisuke Gōri Richard Epcar
Dhalsim.png Dhalsim Yukimasa Kishino Michael Sorich
Fei Long.png Fei Long Masakatsu Funaki Bryan Cranston
Cammy.png Cammy White Yōko Sasaki Debra Jean Rogers
Dee Jay.png Dee Jay Ginzō Matsuo Beau Billingslea
Thunder Hawk.png T. Hawk Shōzō Iizuka Steve Blum
Zangief.png Zangief Tetsuo Kanao Michael Sorich
Blanka.png Blanka Unshō Ishizuka Kevin Seymour
Bisons Scientist.png Senoh Chikao Ōtsuka Milton James
Interpol Agent.png Interpol Agent Steve Bulen
Movie Director.png Movie Director Kevin Seymour
Bookie.png Bookie Hank Crowell, Jr.
Interpol Director.png Interpol Director Masayoshi Nagasawa Christopher Carroll
Security Guard.png Fight Security Guard Mike Reynolds
Terrorist.png Terrorist Yasunori Masutani Donald Salin
Little Girl.png Little Girl Machiko Toyoshima Julie Maddalena

Additional Voices


  • Two versions of the English dub were created; a tamer PG-13 version, and an unrated cut which contains, among other things, a slightly more revealing shower scene featuring Chun-Li that is still censored from the original Japanese version.
    • Though various releases would be less censored, the full uncut version would not be released in North America until Discotek Media's 2016 Blu-Ray release. Prior to that, the Australian release by Madman Entertainment was the only version of the movie that was completely uncut outside Japan.
  • For the original English release, an alternative/grunge-oriented music score was composed by Cory Lerios and John D'Andrea. The dub would later be released with the original Japanese score reinstated on the 2006 Uncut, Uncensored, Unleashed DVD.
  • Most of the English cast would later reprise their roles for Street Fighter II V, with some exceptions.
    • Stephen Apostolina replaces Eddie Frierson as Ken.
    • Randy McPherson replaces Bryan Cranston as Fei-Long.
    • Steve Blum and Kevin Seymour replace Michael Sorich as Dhalsim and Zangief respectively.


Date(s) Channel Country
The Sci-Fi Channel United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Sony Pictures
Home Entertainment
1996 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
1997 DVD.jpg 1
Manga Entertainment 1999 VHS.jpg PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
2001 DVD.jpg 2
2006 1
United States United States
Australia Australia
2007 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
2013 BD B
Discotek Media 2015 DVD.jpg 1
United States United States
2016 BD A

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