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Steven Bednarski (born 1973) is a Canadian historian and actor.

He was born in Montreal, Quebec. He has lived in Toronto, Ontario, and now lives in Waterloo, Ontario.


Some of his most notable roles include the English voices of Astro Boy (produced by Montreal's Cinélume Studios in 1985), Roobear in Adventures of the Little Koala, and Chad in Sailor Moon. At the time Astro Boy was dubbed from Japanese into English, Canadian voice-over regulations did not require producers to list voice actors' credits at the end of their productions. As a result, although his voice aired for over a decade and a half on TV, VHS, and DVD, he received no official recognition for his contribution and did not receive royalties. By the time Sailor Moon aired, however, ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists) had negotiated credits for dubbing. As a result, his name does appear in the list of credits for Sailor Moon. His brothers Robert and Andrew are also actors.

He holds a BA from York University's Glendon College, an MA from the History Department of the University of Toronto and a PhD from the Université du Québec à Montréal. He held a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. He is now Associate Professor of History at St. Jerome's College in the University of Waterloo, specializing in crime in Medieval France.


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