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Sprite: Between Two Worlds (Manami to Nami Sprite 真奈美&ナミ スプライト) is a 1996 OAV series based on a manga by Shinobu Arimura. An English dub was produced in 2000.


Lately, shy Manami has been flirting outrageously and sparking vicious cat-fights! Afterwards, she remembers nothing. Can it be that another personality seethes beneath her own? A wild woman who’ll do anything to find trouble?


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Toru Takamura Tetsuya Iwanaga Gabriel Seador
Chiaki Maya Okamoto Lola Rivera
Minami Sakumoto Yū Sugimoto Tara Sands
Masaya Shinichirō Miki Andrew Bollinger
Manami's Mother Ayako Taneda Mina Sands

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