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Spirou is a 1993 French animated series based off the famous comic series, specifically the Tome and Janry incarnation. A number of their books were adapted into episodes. The series ran in Canada on Family Channel.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Spirou Vincent Ropion Thor Bishopric
Fantasio Patrick Guillemin Tedd Dillon
Spip Kelvine Dumour Sonja Ball
Count of Champignac Pierre Baton Terrence Scammell
Kelvine Dumour ¿?
Martine Meirhaeghe ¿?
Louis Legare
Claude Nicot A.J. Henderson
Vito Cortizone Mario Santini ¿?
The Mayor Claude Joseph Pierre Lenoir
(eps. 4, 51)
Michel Modo Aron Tager
(eps. 6, 18)
Duplumier Gilbert Lévy Arthur Grosser
Dupilon A.J. Henderson
Rupert von Schnabble Michael Rudder

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
1994-1995 The Family Channel Canada Canada

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