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Speed Racer (originally known in Japanese as Mach GoGoGo) is a Japanese animated series about automobile racing, based on the original manga by Tatsuo Yoshida and directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa. The series was produced by Tatsunoko Productions and originally broadcast with a total of 52 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan and CBS in the United States, between 1967 and 1968.

The show is an early example of an anime becoming a successful franchise in the United States.

Dubbing History

The English rights to Mach GoGoGo were acquired by syndicator Trans-Lux, and premiered on American television in the fall of 1967 under the title Speed Racer. The show was edited for American Television, with the characters names changed to more Western-sounding alternatives, and some of the more violent moments toned down. Much of the responsibilities were taken up by Peter Fernandez, who had previously worked as a ghost-writer for Astro Boy and Gigantor. Fernandez deliberately cast only his close friends Jack Grimes, Corinne Orr and Jack Curtis.

The English dub of the show is famous for its racy, fast-paced dialogue. This was due to trying to squeeze the complicated plots into the characters' dialogue. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that Fernandez had been given only two days to script and record for each episode. Fernandez also worked simultaneously scripting and voice directing the English dub of Marine Boy as well, sometimes taping both shows in the same day. Fernandez was also responsible for the rearrangement of the theme song's melody, written by Nobuyoshi Koshibe, and subsequently wrote its English lyrics. The theme was performed in the opening and closing titles by an uncredited Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass.


Image Character Original Name Original Actor (Seiyū) English Voice
Speed - 1.jpg Speed Racer Gō Mifune Katsuji Mori Peter Fernandez
Spritle.jpg Spritle Kurio Mifune Junko Hori Corinne Orr
Chim-Chim.jpg Chim-Chim Sanpei Hiroshi Ōtake Jack Grimes
Pops.jpg Pops Racer Daisuke Mifune Teiji Ōmiya Jack Curtis
Momracer.jpg Mom Racer Aya Mifune Ryōko Kinomiya Corinne Orr
Racerx.jpg Racer X (Rex Racer) Masked Racer X Kinya Aikawa Peter Fernandez
Trixie.jpg Trixie Michi Shimura Yoshiko Matsuo Corinne Orr
Michiko Nomura
Sparky.jpg Sparky Sabu Kei Tomiyama Jack Grimes
Inspector-detector.jpg Inspector Detector Inspector Rokugō Kenji Utsumi Jack Curtis
Speedracer-1a.jpg Narrator N/A

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
1967-1968 CBS United States United States
1993 MTV
1996-2002 Cartoon Network

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
NOW Video 1989 VHS.jpg 14 Episodes NTSC United States United States
7 Volumes
VIDAmerica 1990-1991 7 Episodes
7 Volumes
Streamline Pictures 1991 13 Episodes
13 Volumes
FHE 2005 logo transparent.png 1993 8 Episodes
4 Volumes

FHE 2005 logo transparent.png

Lionsgate logo.svg

2003-2006 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
5 Volumes
2008 The Complete Series
6 Discs
Funimation 2016.png 2017 BD The Complete Series A
5 Discs

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