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Space Adventure Cobra (スペースアドベンチャー コブラ Cobra Gekijōban) is a 1982 science fiction anime film directed by Osamu Dezaki and produced by TMS Entertainment, based on Buichi Terasawa's 1978 manga Cobra.


Cobra, a notorious space pirate, is enlisted by bounty hunter Jane to rescue her sister from the strange being known as Crystal Boy, but then finds himself drawn into a complex struggle over the fate of a mysterious wandering planet.

Dubbing History

Both dubs of the movie were produced simultaneously in 1995, one for the British market and one for the American Market. The first to be released was the British version, which was dubbed by Manga UK and released to British theaters sometime in early 1995. The Manga Entertainment version's dub had an alternate soundtrack performed by the pop group Yello. Discotek Media originally tried to include this dub for their DVD & Blu-Ray release, but couldn't due to the licensing issues with the soundtrack. This dub was, however, included on the original French DVD release.

The alternate dub, provided by Carl Macek and Streamline Pictures, was released to American theaters in August 20, 1995, distributed by Tara Releasing. It was later distributed by Urban Vision on VHS format on June 16, 1998. The Streamline Pictures version uses the original Japanese soundtrack by Osamu Shoji.


Character Seiyū United Kingdom Manga UK Dub United States Streamline Dub
Cobra Shigeru Matsuzaki William Dufris Daniel Woren
Lady Armanoid Yoshiko Sakakibara Tamsin Hollo Joan-Carol O'Connell
Crystal Boy Gorō Mutsumi David McAlister Jeff Winkless
Jane Flower Akiko Nakamura Lorelei King Barbara Goodson
Catherine Royal Toshiko Fujita Mari Devon
Dominique Royal Jun Fubuki Wendee Lee
Sandra Reiko Tajima Shelley Thompson Catherine Battistone
Professor Topolov Akira Kume Allan Wenger Kirk Thornton
Dakoba Kenichi Ogata Jeff Winkless

Additional Voices:

Manga UK



  • William Dufris is credited under the allonym of "John Guerrasio". An actor named John Guerrasio had also done various dubbing roles for Manga UK; so for many years it was assumed that Guerrasio actually provided the voice of Cobra. Dufris' involvement was later confirmed when he listed Cobra on his voice.com profile.[1]
    • This mistake likely indicates that Guerrasio was originally cast as Cobra, and was replaced last-minute by Dufris, without the credits changed to reflect this change.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Manga Entertainment 1995 VHS.jpg Manga PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
Urban Vision 1998 Streamline NTSC United States United States
Fox Pathé Europa 2001 DVD.jpg Manga 2
France France
Madman Entertainment 2007 Streamline 4
Australia Australia
Manga Entertainment 2008 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Discotek Media 2012 1
United States United States
2015 BD A
2019 4k uhd logo.jpg


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