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Sonja Ball (born October 20, 1956) is a Canadian voice actress.



WOW Sonja Ball, from Wimzie's House, doing her Wimzie voice??!! Sept. 25, 2011 in Montreal, Quebec

Sonja performing her voice for Wimzie from Wimzie's House for a fan.

Ball is well known for her work as the voice of Arthur's mother Jane Read in the PBS children's TV series Arthur, Huckle Cat on The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Polly Esther in the English version of Samurai Pizza Cats, Nicole in the Madeline TV specials, and Marina and Hedwig in the English version of Adventures of the Little Mermaid. She also did the voice for 5 year old Wimzie, the boisterous and happy go lucky bird-dragon, in the children's TV series Wimzie's House.

Ball is also known for her lovely singing voice for several theme songs such as Ovide Video, Adventures of the Little Koala, Woofy, The Little Flying Bears, Yakari, Wimzie's House and The Legend of the North Wind as well as providing narration and vocalist for the National Film Board of Canada's 1998 short Ludovic: The Snow Gift.

Ball has done voices for many cartoons, video games, commercials, and anime.


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