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Smiley is a 2022 Spanish romantic comedy series. It was released to Netflix on December 7, 2022.


Álex has just suffered a love disappointment and sends a voice message to his boy friend in anger but the voice is received by Bruno. This mistake ends up making them meet and what begins as a date ends up having greater significance.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Alex Carlos Cuevas Jason Griffith
Bruno Miki Esparbé Bernardo De Paula
Javi Pepón Nieto Brian McGovern
Albert Eduardo Lloveras Andrew Russell
Vero Meritxell Calvo Betsy Moore
Patricia Giannina Fruttero Fernanda Chaves
Rosa Amparo Fernández Brooke Alexander
Lis Ann Perelló Gilli Messer
Nuria Ruth Llopis Mercedes Manning
Ramiro Carles Sanjaime Al Rodrigo
Ramon Ramon Pujol Alec Lawless
Ibra ¿? Brian D. Mason
Sunyer Pep Munné Alan Wasserman
Julia ¿? Ava Faust
Artur ¿? Beckett Blomberg
Lolo Carlos Noriega Joey Vahedi
Flor ¿? Marisa Matthews
Eli ¿? Betsy Struxness
Dolo Pilar Martínez Jodi Carlisle

Episodic Characters[]

Character Original Actor Dub Actor Episode
Elena ¿? Jenny Pellicer 1, 6
Diego ¿? Assaf Cohen 1, 4, 6
Najat ¿? Ashleigh Morghan 2, 6-7
Mrs Del Real ¿? Marabina Jaimes 2, 5
Mr. Del Real ¿? Assaf Cohen
Paula ¿? Monique Shi 4
Young Juan ¿? Joey Vahedi 5

Additional Voices[]

  • Brett Calo
  • Bahram Khosraviani
  • Mercedes Manning
  • Ashleigh Morghan
  • Jenny Pellicer
  • Ayman Samman
  • Betsy Struxness
  • Ben Sullivan
  • Eileen T'Kaye
  • Joey Vahedi

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo December 7, 2022 Netflix Original Series Digital TV-MA United States

External Links[]

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