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Silver Skates (Сере́бряные коньки́ Serebryanye konki) is a 2020 Russian epic period romantic adventure film directed by Michael Lockshin in his feature directorial debut, with a screenplay written by Roman Kantor, and produced by Petr Anurov. The film was initially inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and is based on the American novel Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge.

The rights to the film were acquired by Netflix on June 16, 2021. The Silver Skates is the first Russian film to be released on the platform in the Netflix Originals category.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Alice Sofya Priss Jade Williams
Matvey Fedor Fedotov Steven Webb
Nikolay Aleksei Guskov David Shaw Parker
Arkadiy Kirill Zaytsev Oliver Le Sueur
Alex Yuri Borisov Adam Rhys Dee

Additional Voices

  • Babette Barat
  • Becky Wright
  • Ben Elliot
  • Christopher Pizzey
  • Gordon Griffith
  • Haydn Oakley
  • Hermoine Gulliford
  • Neil McCaul
  • Nick Haverson
  • Oliver Walker
  • Rupert Farley
  • Sam Wilkinson
  • William Gaminara

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png June 16, 2021 Netflix Original Film Digital 13+ United States

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