Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三 Iizuka Shōzō, born May 23, 1933) is a Japanese voice actor from Fukushima Prefecture.

He graduated from the fine arts department of Nihon University. He is most known for the roles of Nappa in the Dragon Ball franchise, Jumba in the Japanese dub of the Lilo & Stitch series and Stitch!, Ryu Jose in Mobile Suit Gundam, Heart in Fist of the North Star and Dr. Neo Cortex in the Crash Bandicoot series.

He is currently affiliated with Sigma Seven.

Select Filmography

Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1977-1978 Jangal Rui Voltes V Chito Vicente Philippines
Earl Palma
William Ross Tokyo, Japan
1978 Flinch Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo Greg Starr Tokyo, Japan
Jeff Winkless United States
Jeff Harding United Kingdom
Bob Papenbrook United States
1978-1979 Admiral Goland Space Battleship Yamato II ¿? United States
1979-1980 Ryu Jose Mobile Suit Gundam Ward Perry Canada
1980-1981 Saturn (ep. 6) Astro Boy Paul Nelson United States
Saltan (eps. 24-25) Dave Miller
1984-1987 Heart Fist of the North Star Joe Romersa United States
1984-1985 Inspector Lestrade Sherlock Hound Lewis Arquette United States
1986-1989 Android 8 (Eighter) Dragon Ball Mike McFarland United States
Jeremiah Yurk Canada
Bandages the Mummy Sonny Strait United States
Gerald Matthews Canada
1986 Pansy's Father Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies Steve Kramer United States
Michael Donovan Canada
Ed Marcus France
Brian Mathis United States
1987 Igor Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess
in Devil's Castle
Christopher Sabat United States
¿? France
1987 Israel Hands Treasure Island: The Movie Patrick Seitz United States
1988-1994 Watajimi (ep. 6) Crying Freeman Mike Kleinhenz United States
1989-1996 Nappa Dragon Ball Z Michael Dobson Canada
Sean Schemmel
United States
Phil Parsons
United States
Android 8 (Eighter) Mike McFarland United States
Dale Wilson Canada
1990 Nappa Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - the Father of Goku Christopher Sabat
United States
Paul Bandey France
Phil Parsons
United States
1991 The Chief Burn-Up Rick Peeples United States
1991 Kakuja Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug Christopher Sabat United States
Doug Rand France
1992-1998 Tetsugyu Giant Robo: The Animation Steve Blum United States
Sean Schemmel
United States
1992-1993 Honda Tekkaman Blade Richard Epcar United States
1992-1995 Enki Yu Yu Hakusho Jay Jones United States
1994 T. Hawk Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Steve Blum United States
1995 Dhalsim Street Fighter II V United States
1996 Section Manager (eps. 1-2) Burn-Up W Rob Mungle United States
1996 Android 8 (Eighter) Dragon Ball: The Path to Power Mike McFarland United States
1996-1998 Hyottoko Rurouni Kenshin Bob Papenbrook United States
1996 Voris The Vision of Escaflowne Alvin Sanders Canada
Cris George United States
1999 Tadokoro (ep. 89) Pokémon Scottie Ray United States
2000-2001 Koudou (ep. 16) Ghost Stories Gruff Vandersant United States
2001-2002 Umbaba (eps. 14-15) Cyborg 009 ¿? United States
2001 Genya Tachibana (Adult) Millennium Actress John Vernon United Kingdom
2002-2006 Aoba (ep. 73) Pokémon Advanced Generation Sean Schemmel United States
Genji (ep. 101) Brian Maillard
2004-2012 Baraggan Louisenbairn Bleach Steve Kramer
(eps. 145-161)
United States
Michael McConnohie
(eps. 216-366)
2004-2005 Zuikō Samurai Champloo Bob Papenbrook United States
2008-2009 Al Capone Soul Eater Jeremy Inman United States
2009-2010 Dominic LeCoulte Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Greg Dulcie United States
2014-2015 Android 8 (Eighter) Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters Mike McFarland United States
2014-present Demon King (ep. 49) The Seven Deadly Sins Jason Marnocha United States
2014 Dace Pokémon the Movie: Diancie &
the Cocoon of Destruction
Bill Tost United States
2017 Fafnir (ep. 5) Little Witch Academia Michael Sorich United States