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Shōya Ishige (Japanese: 石毛翔弥, Hepburn: Ishige Shōya, born August 20, 1990) is a Japanese voice actor from Saitama, Japan. Some of his noteworthy roles include Yusaku Fujiki in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Yun Arikawa in Godzilla Singular Point and Wakana Gojo in My Dress-Up Darling. He is affiliated with Intention.

Dub Actors[]

Actor No. of Roles Country
Jake Paque 2 United States
Johnny Yong Bosch 1 United States
Paul Dateh 1 United States
Jerry Jewell 1 United States
Scott Law 1 Canada
Kyle McCarley 1 United States
John Omohundro 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
2016 Host
(ep. 6)
Orange Jerry Jewell United States
2016 Yusaku Fujiki /
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Jake Paque United States
2017-2019 Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS United States
2020 Misako's Husband (ep. 4) Ikebukuro West Gate Park John Omohundro United States
2021 Yun Arikawa Godzilla Singular Point Johnny Yong Bosch United States
2021-2023 Toguro Star Wars Visions Kyle McCarley United States
2022 Hamilton Bomburg Bakugan: Evolutions Scott Law Canada
2022 Wakana Gojo My Dress-Up Darling Paul Dateh United States