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Sean Rohani (born November 11) is an American voice actor who has work at VSI Los Angeles.


Working behind the scenes on the production of shows like Disney XD's Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja and Adult Swim's Metalocalypse, Sean Rohani quickly found himself gravitating towards voiceover. He has experience in commercials, animation, interactive, partner reads, ISDN, as well as on camera commercial and theatrical work.

With over 600,000 views on YouTube and an international following, Sean Rohani has also established himself as a one-man wrecking crew, writing, voicing, and animating sports parodies as well as original animated material.


Live-Action Dubbing

TV Series

  • Control Z (2020-present) - Pablo Garcia, Additional Voices
  • Biohackers (2020-present) - Additional Voices
  • 30 Coins (2020) - Additional Voices
  • Invisible City (2021-present) - Additional Voices
  • Finding Ola (2022) - Mahoud, Hadi, Clean Man (ep. 3), Captain Hook (ep. 4), Additional Voices


  • Patria (2020) - Additional Voices


Anime Dubbing


  • Shaman King (2021-2022) - Ponchi, Mosuke, John Denbat (2nd voice; eps. 39-41), Silver Horn (ep. 5), Kouji Yamada (Damayaji) (ep. 16), Bourbon (ep. 28), Tao Ren (Adult) (ep. 52), Additional Voices (ep. 11)

Video Game Dubbing

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