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Scott Page-Pagter (June 13, 1957-December 6, 2021) was an American voice actor, writer, director and television producer known for his work in producing over 300 episodes of the Power Rangers series, starting with season 4.


He was an ADR director, engineer and writer from the beginning, and then became a supervising producer on the long-running Power Rangers series from its third season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. He was eventually promoted to co-producer in its sixth season, in Space, and continued his work on the series until the 10th season, Wild Force concluded. In that 8-year tenure he provided voice-work for various characters throughout these series. Though he is probably best known as the voice of the villain Porto in Power Rangers: Turbo (1997), he was also responsible for the voices of early monsters like Oysterizer, Pirantishead, Face Stealer, and later monsters like Steelon from Wild Force's Forever Red episode among others.

He also produced VR Troopers, Masked Rider and Big Bad Beetleborgs, voicing monsters in each of them. He helped to make The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog while he was in Ireland and was an avid composer, writing for many TV shows including Modern Marvels and The World's Greatest Magic series. He was also an ADR Director for various anime shows including Daigunder and Tenchi. He had produced and directed live action pilots and was a Producer at Mattel in charge of voice casting and direction for product and a composer.

Page-Pagter died on December 6, 2021 after a battle with cancer. Voice actress Rajia Baroudi confirmed this via Facebook.


Live-Action Dubbing


Anime Dubbing


  • The Twelve Kingdoms (2002-2003) - Kouya
  • Overman King Gainer (2002-2003) - Tan, Guard, Runner (ep. 8), Male Student D (ep. 9), Referee (ep. 10), Duke Pilwiz (ep. 11)
  • Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (2003) - Underdog, Bookstore Clerk (ep. 5), Spectator B (ep. 8), Professor Itsuki (ep. 9), TV Announcer (ep. 12)

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