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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - The Myth of Hades (聖闘士星矢 THE LOST CANVAS 冥王神話 Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiō Shinwa) is a 26-episode anime OVA series released in Japan from June 24, 2009 to July 20, 2011.

It is based on the homonymous manga written and illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi, which is a spin-off of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya.

On March 13, 2012, at an anime convention in Spain, TMS Entertainment reported the cancellation of the series, due to its low popularity in Japan. Finally, on April 26, 2013, TMS through its Twitter account confirmed that there will be no third season.


A Holy War, from ancient mythology, where the Goddess Athena and Hades have fought against each other while defending the earth repeatedly over the span of 200 years. The story takes place in 18th century Europe, 243 years prior to the original Saint Seiy. Three small children, Tenma, Alone, and Sasha have all shared a very happy childhood together. Tenma who is quite aggressive but upstanding has moved to Sanctuary to become a saint. It is there that he is reunited with Sasha who is the sister of Alone and learns that she is the reincarnation of Goddess Athena. Alone, who is kind, gentle and loves painting was chosen for the body of enemy King Hades. Tenma eventually becomes a saint of Pegasus and engages in a fierce battle with his best friend Alone, the King of Hades. Pegasus Tenma, King Hades, and the Goddess Athena and through the twist of their 3 fates merge together which unfolds a prologue to the original Saint Seiya.


Main Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Tenma Armor1.png Pegasus Tenma Tetsuya Kakihara Arnie Pantoja 1
Lost Canvas Tenma.png 1-2
SSTLCTenmaArm3.png 2
SSTLCTenmaYoung.png 1-2
Lost Canvas Yuzuriha.png Grulla Yuzuriha Sanae Kobayashi Tara Sands 1-2
Lost Canvas Yuzuriha Armor.png
Lost Canvas Yato.png Unicorn Yato Atsushi Abe Kyle McCarley 1
SSTLCYato.png 1-2
SSTLCYatoYoung.png 2

Golden Knights

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Shion.png Aries Shion Shinichirō Miki Max Mittelman 1-2
Lost Canvas Aldebaran.png Hasgard / Taurus Aldebarn Tomokazu Sugita Jamieson Price 1
Lost Canvas Pope Sage.png Pope Sage Toshihiko Seki Cam Clarke 1-2
Lost Canvas Sage Armor.png
Lost Canvas Manigoldo.png Cancer Manigoldo Daisuke Ono Keith Silverstein 1-2
SSTLCManigoldoYoung.png Akeno Watanabe
Todd Haberkorn 2
Lost Canvas Asmita.png Virgo Asmita Akira Ishida Greg Chun 1
Lost Canvas Dohko.png Dohko Libra Kenta Miyake Ray Chase 1-2
Lost Canvas Kardia.png Scorpio Kardia Kōji Yusa Christopher Corey Smith 1-2
Lost Canvas Sisyphe.png Sagittarius Sisyphe Hirofumi Nojima Patrick Seitz 1-2
SSTLCSulpliceSagittarius.png 2
(ep. 23)
Lost Canvas El Cid.png Capricorn El Cid Kazuya Nakai Neil Kaplan 1-2
Lost Canvas Degel.png Aquarius Degel Daisuke Hirakawa Christopher Niosi 1-2
Lost Canvas Albafica.png Pisces Albafica Hiroshi Kamiya Johnny Yong Bosch 1

Silver Knights

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Hakurei.png Altar Hakurei Kenyū Horiuchi Paul St. Peter 1-2
SSTLCSagitaHakureiAltar.png Kaiji Tang
SSTLCCerberus.png Cerberus Taketoshi Kawano 1
Lost Canvas Sagita.png Sagita 1
SSTLCAurige.png Aurige 1
SSTLCHercules.png Hercules 1
Lost Canvas Tsubaki.png Vela Tsubaki Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Brock Powell 2
Lost Canvas Lacaille.png Puppis Lacaille Tsubasa Takanohashi Sean Chiplock 2
SSTLCBootes.png Boötes 2
SSTLCCoronaBorealis.png Corona Borealis 2


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Sasha Athena.png Sasha / Athena Aya Hirano Reba Buhr 1-2
SSTLCSashaYoung.png Xanthe Huynh
Lost Canvas Alone.png Alone Hiro Shimono Daman Mills 1-2
SSTLCAloneYoung.png Erika Harlacher
Lost Canvas Alone as Hades.png Hades Daman Mills 1
Lost Canvas Hades.png 1-2
SSTLCHadesArmor.png 2
Lost Canvas Thanatos.png Thanatos Shinji Kawada Vic Mignogna 1-2
Lost Canvas Thanatos armor.png
Lost Canvas Hypnos.png Hypnos Tomohiro Tsuboi Todd Haberkorn 1-2
Lost Canvas Oneiros.png Oneiros Hideo Ishikawa Christopher Corey Smith 2
Lost Canvas Morpheus.png Morpheus Hiroshi Tsuchida Joe Ochman 2
Lost Canvas Phantasos female form.png Phantasos Rie Kugimiya
(female form)
Caitlin Glass 2
Lost Canvas Phantasos real form.png Satoshi Hino
Zach Aguilar
Lost Canvas Ikelos.png Ikelos Ryūsei Nakao Ezra Weisz 2
Lost Canvas Ancient Athena.png Ancient Athena Maaya Sakamoto Brianna Knickerbocker 2
Lost Canvas Ancient Hades.png Ancient Hades 2

Specters of Hades

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Pandora.png Pandora Nana Mizuki Cristina Valenzuela 1-2
Lost Canvas Pandora armor.png
Lost Canvas Cheshire.png Cait Sith Cheshire Sōichirō Hoshi Bryce Papenbrook 1-2
Lost Canvas Kagaho.png Bennu Kagaho Jun Fukuyama Lucien Dodge 1
Lost Canvas Minos.png Griffon Minos Takahiro Sakurai Trevor Devall 1
Lost Canvas Raimi.png Worm Raimi Atsushi Himaruoka Spike Spencer 1
Lost Canvas Byaku.png Byaku Wataru Hatano Doug Erholtz 1
Lost Canvas Stand.png Beetle Stand Tomoyuki Shimura Richard Epcar 1
Lost Canvas Wimber.png Bat Wimber Tōru Nara Todd Haberkorn 1
Lost Canvas Cube.png Dullahan Cube Norihisa Mori Michael Sorich 1
Lost Canvas Zeros.png Frog Zelos Bin Shimada 1
Lost Canvas Phlegyas.png Lyacon Phlegyas Masayuki Katō Derek Stephen Prince 1
Lost Canvas Niobe.png Deep Niobe Takashi Matsuyama Kyle Hebert 1
Lost Canvas Fiodor.png Mandrake Fyodor Kentarō Itō 1
SSTLCMarchinoSkeleton.png Skeleton Markino Daisuke Matsuo 1
Lost Canvas Edward.png Sylph Edward Yasuyuki Kase Grant George 1
Lost Canvas Violet.png Behemoth Violet Takako Honda Cindy Robinson 1
Lost Canvas Gigant.png Cyclops Gigant Seirō Agino 1
Lost Canvas Veronica.png Nasu Veronika Takehito Koyasu Tony Oliver 2
Lost Canvas Tokusa.png Hanuman Tokusa Miyu Irino Michael Schwalbe 2
Lost Canvas Gregor.png Genbu Gregor Nobuaki Kanemitsu 2

Other Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Lost Canvas Atla.png Atla Motoko Kumai Griffin Burns 1-2
SSTLCTeneo.png Teneo Hiroshi Okamoto Mickey Caputo 1-2
SSTLCTeneoYoung.png Dorothy Elias-Fahn
(ep. 9)
SSTLCSaro.png Saro Yūtaro Motishiro Zach Aguilar 1-2
SSTLCSaroYoung.png Stephanie Sheh
(ep. 9)
SSTLCSelinsa.png Selinsa Arisa Ogasawara Cherami Leigh 1-2
SSTLCSelinsaYoung.png 1
(ep. 9)
Lost Canvas Maria.png Maria Yūmi Kikuchi Erika Harlacher 1-2
Lost Canvas Carol.png Carol Noriko Shitaya Cristina Valenzuela 1-2
Lost Canvas Anna.png Anna Risa Shimizu Xanthe Huynh 1-2
Lost Canvas Agatha.png Agatha Kana Asumi Allegra Clark 1-2
Lost Canvas Agathas Father.png Agatha's Father 1-2
Lost Canvas Rusk.png Pyxis Rusk Takuya Satō Alan Lee 2
SSTLCPakia.png Pakia Christopher Niosi 2


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
The Lost Canvas.png Narration Shigeru Chiba Beau Billingslea 1-2

Additional Voices


  • Prior to the dub's production and release on Netflix, the series was previously released by Discotek Media on a sub-only DVD. Due to poor sales, it's unlikely that Discotek will re-release it with the dub.
  • This is the first and so far only Saint Seiya series to be dubbed in Los Angeles.

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png August 11, 2018 Anime Digital 13+ United States United States

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