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Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs is an adaptation of the anime Space Musketeer Bismarck (星銃士ビスマルク Seijūshi Bisumaruku) which originally aired on Nippon Television in Japan from October 7, 1984 to September 25, 1985.


Set in the distant future, Humans have spread beyond living on Earth and have colonized planets across the universe, creating a New Frontier of man. In order to protect these new settlers and maintain law and order in the New Frontier, Earth's Cavalry Command was created. Cavalry Command is a military organization that maintains an army and fleet of ships to protect the New Frontier and the residents of the planets within it known as Settlers. Within Cavalry Command is a unit of special operatives known as Star Sheriffs that function as the organization's field agents, investigating any crimes and plots that threaten the security of the New Frontier.

Dubbing History

The English language rights to Space Musketeer Bismarck was purchased by World Events Productions, the same company behind the English-language version of Voltron, in 1986. WEP reorganized and rewrote the series, incorporating the original episodes and commissioning 6 new ones, before releasing it under the name Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

Only 46 of the original 51 episodes were dubbed; with the 6 newly animated episodes, this brings the total episode count to 52. The American animation used for the extra six episodes of Saber Rider was visibly different from the Japanese animation. Though the basic character designs remained the same, the style was vastly different from the original character art by Shigeru Kato. These new episodes were made to help enforce the changes made to the series, such as enforcing the "Western" theme with Cowboys and Indians, expanding on the Cavalry Command military structure, as well as showing visual evidence of Outriders reforming in their home dimension.

Much like Voltron, the series was heavily edited to lighten or remove much of the violence in the original series. In Saber Rider, the majority of the action is moved out of the solar system and into the rest of the galaxy. The original score was replaced by a new score by Dale Schacker, using a guitar based score in a fast, rhythmic, yet very fashionable Country Western style.

As opposed to a private group of four, the characters were written to be a small portion of a major military enforcement group known as the Star Sheriffs. Scenes of the main characters relaxing at a night club or bar and drinking alcohol were explained as "visiting a soda shop". Also, since showing death on American cartoons was much less accepted at that time, the Outriders were shown to "jump" back to their own dimension when defeated.


Character Original Name Seiyū Voice Actor
Saber Rider Richard Lancelot Bin Shimada Rob Paulsen
April Eagle Marianne Louvre Chie Kōjiro Pat Musick
Fireball Hikari Shinji Hikari Yoku Shioya Pat Fraley
Colt Wilcox Bill Wilcox Kazuhiko Inoue Townsend Coleman
Ramrod Bismarck Peter Cullen
Commander Eagle Charles Louvre Hiroshi Itō
General Whitehawk General Walter Shōzō Hirabayashi
Supreme Commander Nemesis Hyuza Seizō Katō
Gattler General Zatola Banjō Ginga ¿?
Commander Jesse Blue General Perios Hirotaka Suzuoki Rob Paulsen
Narration Peter Cullen

Additional Voices


  • Ramrod's original counterpart (Bismarck) does not speak in the original Japanese version.


Date(s) Channel Country
1987-1988 Syndication United States United States
2016- Toku

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Fries Home Video 1988-1991 VHS.jpg 11 Various Episodes NTSC United States United States
7 Volumes
Anchor Bay Entertainment 2004 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-4 PAL
United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Volumes
World Event Productions 2006 10 Various Episodes NTSC
United States United States
1 Volumes
VCI Entertainment 2008-2009 The Complete Series
2 Volumes
2009 The Complete Series
6 Discs

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