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SWORDGAI The Animation is an anime series based on the manga series by Toshiki Inoue. It streamed on Netflix between March 23, 2018 and July 30, 2018, consisting of 24 episodes.


History is strewn with legendary cursed weapons. Those who bond with them can gain great power but are also prone to being taken over and going on bloody rampages; those who irrevocably become so are called Busoma. An organization called Shohidai is dedicated to collecting these weapons and finding a way to treat those bonded to them, even if that means putting them in cold sleep to slow the rate of their conversion to Busoma. Even the Shoshidai's own members aren't immune to the allure of the cursed weapons, as their director Miura gets sucked in by Zsoltgewinn, the most powerful blade.

Meanwhile, a heavily pregnant woman comes into contact with the cursed sword Shiryu but takes her own life before the bloodlust can consume her. The boy she birthed beforehand is raised as Gai by a weaponsmith, but Gai's destiny is forever linked to Shiryu, which the smith uses to create an artificial arm for Gai.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Gai Ogata (SWORDGAI).jpg
Shiryu (SWORDGAI).jpg
Gai Ogata
Shiryu of the Shadows
Yūto Uemura Khoi Dao
Gai Ogata (Young) (SWORDGAI).jpg Ayaka Nanase (young) TBA
Seiya Ichijo (SWORDGAI).jpg
Chakram (SWORDGAI).jpg
Seiya Ichijō
Yuichiro Umehara Billy Kametz
Kyouka Kagami (SWORDGAI).jpg Kyōka Kagami Rina Satō Erica Lindbeck
Kyouka Kagami (Young) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Naoki Miki (SWORDGAI).jpg
Fallgon-Halberd (SWORDGAI).jpg
Naoki Miki
Fallgon & Halberd
Tomokazu Sugita Greg Chun
Marcus Lithos (SWORDGAI).jpg
Azoth (With Mask) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Azoth (SWORDGAI).jpg
Marcus Lithos
Hiro Shimono Zach Aguilar
Counsel Member 1 (SWORDGAI).jpg Mystery Face A Takaya Hashi Kyle Hebert
Counsel Member 2 (SWORDGAI).jpg Mystery Face B Masaaki Yano Paul Stewart
Counsel Member 3 (SWORDGAI).jpg Mystery Face C Shinnosuke Ogami Patrick Seitz
Mina Hiraya (SWORDGAI).jpg
Aya Takagi (SWORDGAI).jpg
Mina Hiraya
Aya Takagi
Yū Shimamura Mela Lee
Busoma / Armed Demons
Grimms (SWORDGAI).jpg Grimms Takaya Kuroda Chris Tergliafera
Takuma Miura (SWORDGAI).jpg
Zolt Gain (Human) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Zolt Gain (SWORDGAI).jpg
Takuma Miura
Toshihiko Seki Patrick Seitz
Arnys (SWORDGAI).jpg
Arnys (Demon armor) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Arnys Michiko Neya Michelle Ruff
Midoriko (SWORDGAI).jpg
Flamberg (Midoriko) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Ayane Sakura Faye Mata
Yasuko Tanaka (SWORDGAI).jpg Yasuko Tanaka
Galon Hammer
Urara Takano Jessica Gee
Issei Ariga (SWORDGAI).jpg Issei Ariga
Kohei Murakami Steve Staley
Tatsumi (SWORDGAI).jpg
Buzoma (SWORDGAI).jpg
Kenji Hamada Austin Lee Matthews
Matoba Group
Kazuma Matoba (SWORDGAI).jpg Kazuma Matoba Takaya Hashi Richard Epcar
Shinn Matoba (SWORDGAI).jpg
Shiryu (True) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Shin Matoba
Nobunaga Shimazaki Griffin Burns
Shin Matoba (Young) (SWORDGAI).jpg Cristina Valenzuela (young)
Rie Matoba (SWORDGAI).jpg
Rie Matoba (Buzoma) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Rie Matoba Maria Naganawa Xanthe Huynh
Himiko (SWORDGAI).jpg Himiko Maaya Uchida Lauren Landa
Kazumo (SWORDGAI).jpg Kazumo Kazuyuki Okitsu Xander Mobus
Souin (SWORDGAI).jpg Soin Shunsuke Takeuchi Richard Epcar
Kurumaru (SWORDGAI).jpg
Iron Maiden (SWORDGAI).jpg
Iron Maiden
Ayumu Murase Laura Stahl
Sayaka Ogata (SWORDGAI).jpg Sayaka Ogata Yūka Aisaka Kayli Mills
Sayaka Ogata (Young) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Amon Ogata (SWORDGAI).jpg Amon Ogata Jōji Nakata Jamieson Price
Kigetsu (SWORDGAI).jpg Kigetsu Masaharu Satō John DeMita
Leader SwordGai.png Leader Shinya Fukumatsu TBA
Wakaba (SWORDGAI).jpg Wakaba Tomoe Hanba Allegra Clark
Takashi (SWORDGAI).jpg Takashi Yūto Uemura Steve Staley
Hakim Kōsuke Toriumi Chris Hackney
Kiyomi (SWORDGAI).jpg Kiyomi Hitomi Harada Cristina Valenzuela
Erika Saeki (SWORDGAI).jpg Erika Saeki Ami Koshimizu Erika Harlacher
Toshio Tanabe (SWORDGAI).jpg Toshio Tanabe Masaaki Yano Christopher Niosi
Kei (SWORDGAI).jpg
Kei (Young) (SWORDGAI).jpg
Kei Sumi Shimamoto Philece Sampler
Shoko (SWORDGAI).jpg Shoko Haruka Shiraishi Allegra Clark
Sayuri (SWORDGAI).jpg Sayori Akane Fujita Michelle Ruff
Kaga Zuka (SWORDGAI).jpg Kagatsuka Junichi Yanagita Jordan Reynolds
Herero dragon (SWORDGAI).jpg Herero Dragon TBA TBA

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Transmission via Streaming

Company Date(s) Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png March 23, 2018
(1st Season)
TV Series / Netflix Original Series Digital 18+ United States United States
July 30, 2018
(2nd Season)

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