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Rusty Rivets is a Canadian 3D CGI animated television series, and is produced by Arc Productions and Spin Master Entertainment. Rusty Rivets aired for three seasons, simultaneously on Treehouse TV in Canada and on Nickelodeon in the U.S., from November 8, 2016, to May 8, 2020. Inspired by elements of the maker culture, it follows the adventures of a young inventor named Rusty and his team of customized robots.


Image Character Original Actor Canada UK Dub Actor United Kingdom
File:Rusty Rivets Main.png Rusty Rivets Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Theo Crabb-LaHei
File:Rusty Rivets Ruby Main.png Ruby Ramirez Ava Preston Imogen Addicott
File:Liam McCloud.png Liam McCloud Samuel Faraci Endeavour Clutterbuck
File:Ranger Anna.png Ranger Anna Helen King Niki Felstead
File:Mrs Rivets.png Mrs. Rivets Katie Griffin
File:Officer Carl.png Officer Carl Jonathan Potts Chris Garner
File:Mr. Higgins.png Mr. Higgins James Rankin
File:Sammy Scoops.png Sammy Scoops Joshua Graham Andy Turvey
File:Emily Rusty Rivets.png Emily Aaliyah Cinello Amelie Halls
File:Frankie Fritz.png Frankie Fritz Jacob Skiba Fraser Martin