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Ron Halder (born July 13, 1953) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.


He has performed extensively in theatres across Canada from Victoria, BC to St. John's, Newfoundland.[1] He has played key roles as Malcolm Lowry in the Vancouver Playhouse production of Goodnight Disgrace, James Tyrone Jr. in the Neptune Theatre production of Moon for the Misbegotten and Nick in the National Theatre production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. He also performed for two seasons at Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach playing Edmund in King Lear and Claudius in Hamlet. He also played Scrooge in Carousel Theatre's 1999 A Christmas Carol and has toured Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa with the Great Mozart Hunt.

Halder has appeared as a guest star in Highlander: The SeriesMillennium, and Hope Island as well as playing roles in the X-FilesThe Outer LimitsDead Man's Gun and Poltergeist. He also has the role of recurring Stargate SG-1 character Cronus. He is currently involved in voice-work for cartoons, like in Eon Kid where he is a voice actor for Gaff. He usually plays the role of an eccentric doctor/professor, a kindly older man/mentor, or a hard and malicious man. He has also taught stage fight combat at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, and has choreographed numerous "safe" fight scenes for both stage and camera. In the Death Note live action movie he is the English dub voice actor of Watari; coincidentally in the Death Note anime, he voices Watari's counterpart, Roger Ruvie.


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