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Robotech II: The Sentinels is a 1987 film. Originally intended to be a continuation of the popular and successful Robotech, only three episodes were ultimately animated before the project was canceled in 1986, and a feature-length film was released from footage taken from the completed episodes.

The aborted 65-episode Sentinels series would have followed the ongoing adventures of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes and the rest of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) during the events of The Robotech Masters and The New Generation series.


Character Voice Actor
Rick Hunter Tony Oliver
Lisa Hayes Melanie MacQueen
Cadet Jack Baker Kerrigan Mahan
Dr. Emil Lang Gregory Snegoff
Jonathan Wolfe Tom Wyner
Max Sterling Cam Clarke
Miriya Sterling Catherine Battistone
Exedore Ted Lehmann
Breetai Tony Clay
T.R. Edwards Michael McConnohie
Rolf Emerson
Anatole Leonard Greg Finley
Tesla Steve Kramer
Cabell Edward Mannix
Rem Ardwight Chamberlain
Dana Sterling Lara Cody
Bowie Grant Oliver Barrett
Vince Grant Richard Epcar
Jean Grant Barbara Goodson
Colonel Adam Reinhardt Milton James
The Regess Alexandra Kenworthy
The Regent Jeff Winkless
Lynn Minmei Rebecca Forstadt
Janice Em Wendee Lee
Minister Doug Lee
Karen Penn Lisa Michelson
Harry Penn Mike Reynolds
Narrator Russell Johnson

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