Robotech is an American adaptation of three different Japanese anime series. It was created by Carl Macek, and edited and distributed by Harmony Gold.

The show was created out of the desire to syndicate Super Dimension Fortress Macross on Television, but the show was too short for the minimum 65 episode requirement. So, Carl Macek came up with an alternative; editing together three series to create a multi-generational story. Thus Macross was combined with the TV series Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Dialogue was heavily re-written to link all 3 series together.

Robotech was a major success in America, and is perhaps the defining factor in the rise in popularity of Japanese anime in the United States.

Overall Dubbing

While the dub of each respective show is relatively straight, they are written to give the impression that the three series take place in the same universe through dialogue such as modifying character backstories (such as Dana Sterling from Southern Cross becoming the child of Max and Miriya from Macross) and references. Macross's Protoculture, the fuel source behind the various technology used by the different races is the uniting factor between each series.

The editing done throughout Robotech mostly amounted to the removal of nudity or some bits of violence. In 2004, the series was remastered, reinstating most of these cut scenes.

The Macross Saga (Season 1)

Main article: Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Due to Macross receiving a separate uncut dub later on, it and its Robotech adaptation receives its own page.

The Robotech Masters (Season 2)

The Robotech Masters is an edited adaptation of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (超時空騎団サザンクロス Chō Jikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu) from 1984, as the third of the Super Dimension series.


The Robotech Masters arrive in the orbit of the Earth, seeking what turns out to be the sole means in the universe of producing protoculture. Through a combination of mistrust and arrogance, their attempts at retrieving this meet with opposition from the humans and unleash a war that leaves the Masters defeated and Earth awash in the spores of a plant called the Flower of Life—the source of protoculture and a beacon to the mysterious Invid who scour the galaxy for its presence.


Image Character Original Name Seiyū Voice Actor
Robotech Southern Cross Dana Sterling Dana Sterling Jeanne Fránçaix Michie Tomizawa Melissa Newman
Robotech Southern Cross Marie Crystal Marie Crystal Mary Angel Kumiko Mizukura Barbara Goodson
Robotech Southern Cross Nova Satori Nova Satori Lana Isavia Mika Doi Edie Mirman
Robotech Southern Cross Bowie Grant Bowie Grant Bowie Emerson Arihiro Hase Craig Schaefer
Robotech Southern Cross Angelo Angelo Dante Andrzej Sławski Kōsuke Meguro Steve Kramer
Robotech Southern Cross Louie Nichols Louie Nichols Louis Ducasse Issei Futamata David Millbern
Robotech Southern Cross Sean Philips Sean Phillips Charles de Etouard Bin Shimada Kerrigan Mahan
Robotech Southern Cross Zor Prime Zor Prime Seifriet Weiße Yoshikazu Hirano Paul St. Peter
Robotech Southern Cross Dennis Brown Dennis Brown R. Brown Kōji Totani Frank Catalano
Robotech Southern Cross Anatole Leonard Anatole Leonard Claude Leon Daisuke Gōri Greg Finley
Robotech Southern Cross Rolf Emerson Rolf Emerson Lorf Emerson Makoto Terada Michael McConnohie
Robotech Southern Cross Miles Cochrane Dr. Miles Cochrane Dr. Cocteau Kazuhiko Inoue Simon Prescott
Robotech Southern Cross Samson Beckett Dr. Samson Beckett Ikuya Sawaki M.D. Douglass
Robotech Southern Cross Musica Musica Noriko Hidaka Melora Harte
Robotech Southern Cross Octavia Octavia Musiere
Robotech Southern Cross Allegra Allegra Muselle
Robotech Southern Cross Masters The Robotech Masters Dess Hirotaka Suzuoki Bill Capizzi
Narration John J. Smith

Additional Voices


  • To closer link the show to Macross, it is stated that various characters are relatives to the original cast. Dana Sterling is said to be the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling from The Macross Saga. While Bowie Grant is Claudia Grant's nephew, while Rolf Emerson becomes Bowie's godfather (in the original Bowie's lastname was Emerson and Rolf was his actual father).

The New Generation (Season 3)

Robotech: The New Generation is an edited adaptation of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (超時空騎団サザンクロス Chō Jikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu) from 1983.


A mysterious alien race called the Invid are lured by the Flower of Life and rapidly conquer the planet. Earth forces that left the planet between the first and second generations return to save their homeworld. The lone survivor of the first counterstrike is Scott Bernard. In his quest to reach the Invid's base of operation, he meets the other main characters of the show, forming a group of ragtag freedom fighters in a quest to rid the planet of the Invid


Image Character Original Name Seiyū Voice Actor
Robotech Mospeada Scott Bernard Scott Bernard Stick Bernard Bin Shimada Gregory Snegoff
Robotech Mospeada Rook Bartley Rook Bartley Houquet et Rose Mika Doi Susie London
Robotech Mospeada Rand Rand Ray Hisao Ōyama Frank Catalano
Robotech Mospeada Annie Annie "Mint" La Belle Mint Laboulaye Sanae Miyuki Emilie Brown
Robotech Mospeada Lunk Jim "Lunk" Austin Jim Warstone Tomomichi Nishimura Richard Epcar
Robotech Mospeada Lancer Lance Belmont Yellow Belmont Hirotaka Suzuoki Cam Clarke
Robotech Mospeada Marlene Marlene Aisha Miki Takahashi Melanie MacQueen
Robotech Mospeada Ariel Ariel
Robotech Mospeada Regess Regess Refless Noriko Ohara Alexandra Kenworthy
Robotech Mospeada Sera Sera Solzie Waka Kanda Barbara Goodson
Robotech Mospeada Corg Corg Battlar Hōchū Ōtsuka M.D. Douglass
Narration John J. Smith

Additional Voices

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Family Home Entertainment 1987-1995 VHS The Complete Series NTSC United States Flag United States
42 Volumes
Streamline Pictures 1994-1996 Various Episodes*
7 Volumes
ADV Films 2001 DVD The Complete Series 1
14 Volumes
2004 Remastered Edition
7 Volumes
Manga Entertainment 2005-2007 Remastered Edition 2
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
5 Volumes
A&E Home Entertainment 2011 The Complete Series 1
United States Flag United States
3 Volumes

*Would contain the original Japanese versions of each series subtitled inaccurately, along with their "Robotech" equivalent.

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