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Richard H. Rossner is an American actor, writer and voice actor.


Animation Dubbing[]

Animated Films[]

Anime Dubbing[]


Anime Films[]

  • Shadow World (1983) - Terry
  • Super Grand Prix (1983) - Shawn "Crash" Corrigan, Additional Voices
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio (1984) - Timothy Cricket, Zampino, Rudy, Slick, Additional Voices
  • Time Fighters (1984) - Jett, Captain Arrow, Squawky, George, Black Knight, Chairman, Emperor, Prince Ko, Orville Wright, Robin Hood, Prince, Dr. Goodsir, Inca, Kevin, La Manchan, Mr. Harkin, North Carolinan, Shogun, Tooka 2, Transylvanian, Additional Voices
  • Time Fighters in the Land of Fantasy (1984) - Jett, Captain Arrow, Squawky, Hamelinian 1, Lilliputian, Carriage Driver, Giant 2, Man Riding Pig, Miller, Servant, Additional Voices
  • Ninja the Wonder Boy (1984) - Duke Hayakawa, Hanzo
  • Wee Wendy (1989) - Additional Voices

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