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Quinton Joseph Flynn (born October 10, 1964) is an American voice actor and comedian, who is most notable for providing the English voices of video game characters such as Raiden in the Metal Gear series, Marcus Damon in Digimon Data Squad, Lea and Axel in the Kingdom Hearts series, Reno in Final Fantasy VII and its sequels and prequels, and Henry in No More Heroes.

Sexual Harassment and Grooming Allegations

In November 2020, a few fans have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and grooming minors.[1][2][3] As a result, he was not invited to a Metal Gear Solid reunion stream[4] and his voice acting roles were replaced in early 2021.[5][6]


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

Animated Films

  • Immigrants (2008) - Businessman, Hermaphrodite, Newscaster, Tourist

Anime Dubbing


  • Initial D: First Stage (1998) - Shingo Shoji (Tokyopop Dub)
  • Naruto (2002-2007) - Iruka Umino, Deidara, Monju, Leaf Ninja (ep. 1), Rain Ninja (ep. 21), Dragged Genin (ep. 24), Hōsei (ep. 25), Izumo Kamizuki (ep. 25), Daichi (eps. 56, 158), Hyakuraku Customer (ep. 90), Dengaku (ep. 91), Iruka's Friend A (ep. 144), Kunihisa Bodyguard (ep. 174)
  • Zatch Bell! (2003-2006) - Dr. Riddles, Haru, Victoream (eps. 61-63), Additional Voices
  • Bleach (2004-2012) - Kon, Kei Uehara, Citizen (ep. 113), Sugama (ep. 182), Villager B (ep. 312), Additional Voices
  • Blood+ (2005-2006) - Carl Fei-Ong, Young Man (ep. 11), McCoy (ep. 12), Black Suit E (ep. 32), Additional Voices
  • Digimon Data Squad (2006-2007) - Marcus Damon
  • Naruto Shippūden (2007-2017) - Iruka Umino (1st voice; eps. 1-422), Sand Ninja (ep. 4), Sand Ninja (ep. 7), ANBU (ep. 159), Villager #3 (ep. 187), ANBU Ninja (ep. 248), Allied Ninja (ep. 261), Sealing Core Ninja (ep. 274), Earth Ninja (ep. 349)

OVAs & Specials

Anime Films

Video Game Dubbing


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