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Queen Emeraldas (Japanese: クィーン・エメラルダス, Hepburn: Kuīn Emerarudasu) is a manga written and illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto, later adapted into a four-episode anime OVA of the same name. Queen Emeraldas is the story of the pirate spaceship, Queen Emeraldas, which is captained by the mysterious and beautiful Emeraldas, a strong and powerful privateer. Sometimes, the character Emeraldas is referred to as Pirate Queen Emeraldas.

An original video anime adaptation was produced by OLM and released in four episodes between 1998 and 1999. Half the series was dubbed into English and released by ADV Films on DVD in 1999.


Character Japanese English
Hiroshi Umino Megumi Hayashibara ?
Emeraldas Reiko Tajima ?
Lou Row Kenichi Ogata ?
Tochiro Oyama Koichi Yamadera ?
Captain Harlock Makio Inoue ?