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Puyo Puyo (Arcade, English Version), is is an enhanced version of the 1991 MSX2 and Famicom Disk System game of the same name. It is the first main installment in the Puyo Puyo puzzle game series in United States and Europe. Very little is known about the development of the English version or even the translation, but it's confirmed that was an official version of Puyo Puyo under the SEGA Ages line. It was developed by Compile and Sega AM1 (Who were also, the responsables of the dubbing voices), published by Sega and released on arcades in 1992 (In Japan).

Cast (Uncredited)[]

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Silvana Arle Nadja


Reiko Kurusu Lynn Eve Harris
Puyo Puyo (Arcade, English Version) Title
Dragon Woman Draco Centauros

(Dragon Woman)

To confirm
Dark Elf Harpy (Dark Elf)
Witch (Puyo Puyo) Witch
Skeleton (Puyo Puyo) Skeleton T


Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Blue Ghost Nasu Grave

(Blue Ghost)

Mummy (Puyo Puyo) Mummy
Goby Captain Suketoudara

(Goby Captain)

Small Foot Sukiyapodes

(Small Foot)

Scorpion Man Sasoriman

(Scorpion Man)

Johnny (Puyo Puyo) Panotty


Zombie (Puyo Puyo) Zombie
Elephant Lord Zoh Daimaoh

(Elephant Lord)

Devious Schezo Wegey


Max Minotaur Minotauros

(Max Minotaur)

Dark Prince Satan (Dark Prince)
Carbuncle Carbuncle To confirm


  • While in Japanese version used a lot of voice actors, in the North America version used only, two voice dubbing actors to do all the voices (Except for Carbuncle which her final voice sound in the character credits were reused of the Japanese version and Lulu, which she has no sound or voice, unlike other games of Puyo Puyo in the main Franchise), also some of the characters use the same voice tones like Goby Captain and Scorpion Man.
  • Most of the names and characters were changed drastically for religious and satanic references (Specially, the angels references), like Harpy to Dark Elf and Satan to Dark Prince. Surprisingly, the last one hasn't changed his appearance.
  • Also, for Unknown reasons, the italian, spanish and japanese names were changed also change to american and italian names like Arle Nadja to Silvana, Nasu Grave to Blue Ghost, Suketoudara to Goby Captain, Sukiyapodes to Small Foot, Draco Centauros to Dragon Woman, Sasoriman to Scorpion Man, Panotty to Johnny, Zoh Daimaoh to Elephant Lord, Schezo Wegey to Devious and Minotauros to Max Minotaur.
  • Skeleton T name was also reduce to Skeleton.
  • Mummy, Zombie, Witch and Carbuncle are the only names that weren't changed.
  • For some reasons, Devious speaks with an Italian accent.

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