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Punishing: Gray Raven is a mobile action role-playing game developed and published by Kuro Games. It was first released in China on December 5, 2019 and a year later on December 4, 2020 in Japan. The game was released globally on July 16, 2021.


The story of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by Corrupted cybernetic enemies caused by the Punishing Virus. The last remnants and survivors of mankind have escaped to the space station and stronghold Babylonia. The player takes on the role as the Commandant of an elite squad of Constructs known as Gray Raven. The player will lead the squad to fight against the Corrupted and other opposing forces to retake the planet.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Roland Lengquan Yeyue Alan Lee
Kamui Lu Lifeng Patrick Gruia
Camu ¿?
Rosetta Zhao Yikai Sam Slade
Wanshi Sun Peng Corey Wilder
Ayla Gong Dafang Kelsey Jaffer
Lee Xiahou Luofeng Chris Hackney
Bianca Yun Hezhui Skyler Davenport
Haicma ¿? Brittany Cox
Changyu Jin Chuan Caleb Yen
Lucia Jiang Li Sura Siu
Karenina ¿? Brittany Lauda
Nanami ¿?
Sophia Cai Na Christina Costello
Qu Ye Zhiqiu Stephanie Novak
Noctis Zicheng Shaozhu Bill Butts
Karenina Hua Ling Heather Gonzalez
Hanying ¿? Emi Lo
Luna Si Bai Suzie Yeung
Selena Liu Zhixiao Judy Alice Lee
Watanabe Ji Aojie Daman Mills
Liv Shi Xinlei Brianna Knickerbocker
Chrome Wei Chen Brett Calo
No. 21 Qian Chen Sarah Anne Williams
Vera ¿? Trina Deuhart
Pulao ¿? Liana Bdéwi
Alisa Aya Ashely Biski
Nanami Zhao Shuang Melody Peng
Bambinata ¿? Lexi Fontaine
Lucia ¿? Kristen McGuire
Noan ¿? Maximilian Reid

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