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Pororo, The Racing Adventure (뽀로로 극장판 슈퍼썰매 대모험, Pororo gukjangpan super sulme daemohum) (also known as The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure) is a 2013 South Korean-Chinese animated film directed and edited by Young Kyun Park, with a screenplay by In-Kyun Lee and Eun Sook Kim. The film is based on the Korean computer-animated television series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Dubbing History[]

The film was dubbed into English twice. The first dub was recorded with an uncredited talent pool, the cast in that dub is currently up for speculation. This dub is available on the German Blu-ray release of the film. In 2014, a second English dub was produced by Lionsgate and Simka Entertainment, featuring the voices of Rob Schneider, Drake Bell, Anthony Anderson and Jon Heder, as well as original songs by Bell and Smash Mouth. Interestingly, this dub actually retains the voices for Pororo and his friends from the first dub.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Dub Actor
Pororo PRA Pororo Sun Lee Michelle Ruff
Crong PRA Crong Mi-ja Lee ¿?
Poby PRA Poby Hwan-chin Kim Chris Jai Alex
Eddy PRA Eddy Su-jung Ham Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Loopy PRA Loopy So-young Hong Christine Marie Cabanos
Petty PRA Petty Chung Misuk Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Harry PRA Harry Kim Seo-yeong ¿?
Toto PRA Toto Sang Hyun Um Keith Silverstein Rob Schneider
Mango PRA Mango Dong Kyun Um ¿? Jon Heder
Fufu PRA Fufu Chae Heon Lim Travis Willingham Anthony Anderson
Kuku PRA Kuku Jang Woo Rhee ¿? ¿?
White Tiger PRA White Tiger Guo Yifeng Matthew Mercer Drake Bell
Chip Quackers PRA Anchor Nuori
(Chip Quackers)
Kwang Ju Jeon ¿? Jay Mohr
Walter Featherbottom PRA Anchor Noori
(Walter Featherbottom)
Jang Won Lee Wayne Grayson Jerry Trainor
Banga Chairman PRA Banga Chairman
(Tor the Walrus)
Heui Choi Michael McConnohie Mychal Simka
Masked Ninja A PRA Masked Ninja A
(Gucci Bear)
Nak Yoon Choi ¿? Dallas Lovato
Masked Ninja B PRA Masked Ninja B Jae Beom Lee ¿? ¿?

Additional Voices[]

Simka Dub

  • Ron Fleishman
  • Walter Masterson - The Wolf
  • Jesse Pruett - The Duck
  • Mychal Simka
  • Genoveva Winsen - Rabbit, Dog Crew, Giraffe


  • A majority of the voice cast is uncredited in the Simka dub, with only the celebrity actors and Mychal Simka being credited.
  • The gender of one of the Ninjas is changed from male to female in the Simka redub.

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Splendid Entertainment 2013 BD International B
Germany Germany
Lionsgate Home Entertainment 2014 DVD Simka 1
United States United States

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