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Police Story (警察故事 Ging chaat goo si) is a 1985 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Jackie Chan, who also played the lead role.

It is the first of the Police Story series featuring Chan as a Hong Kong police detective named "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui.

Dubbing History

The theatrical cut of Police Story was originally dubbed in Hong Kong, written by Barry Haigh. Compared to the other versions, this dub is the most faithful to the original Cantonese dialogue. For many years, this dub was only officially released on a Dutch VHS by the distributor Bestsellers;[1] it was first made widely available as an "alternative" audio option for Eureka Entertainment's 2018 Blu-ray release for the UK market,[2] and was later included on Criterion's 2019 American Blu-ray.[3]

Utilizing the same dub, the film was later cut from 99 minutes to 87 minutes for export. It was first shown in the English-speaking world on September 26, 1987 at the New York Film Festival, under the title of Jackie Chan's Police Force.[4] In addition to shortening the film, the original music score by Michael Lai was replaced by a score composed by Kevin Bassinson.

A re-dubbed version of the export cut was produced in 1998 by New Line Cinema for home video release and TV broadcasts. New Line's dub sticks very close to the original dubbing script. Kevin Bassinson's score was replaced with a new score by J. Peter Robinson, mostly consisting of recycled cues from the composer's scores for Rumble in the Bronx, Police Story 4: First Strike, and Mr. Nice Guy, as well as a remixed sound design. New Line's version was released on VHS and LaserDisc [5] in Summer, 1998. New Line also licensed this version for broadcast on the television network UPN. This dub has since disappeared from circulation after the creation of the new international version.

A new English dub of the 99 minute Hong Kong theatrical version was produced in or before 2000 for use on home video releases and as the basis for new dubs. Likely dubbed by Omni Productions, the dub is somewhat looser with the dub dialogue than the previous dubs. This dub first appeared on the 2001 Hong Kong Legends UK DVD release.[6]

A fourth English dub was dubbed around 2004, seemingly also done by Omni Productions. Much of the cast from the previous dub is present in this dub, but in different roles. The dub utilizes much of the same script as the previous, but with some of the peculiarities in the previous script corrected, and also features a remixed 5.1 surround soundtrack. It was originally released on DVD in the United States by Fortune Star in 2006.[6] Most official dubbed presentations of the film since (aside from the aforementioned Criterion Blu-ray) have used this version, the most recent being Eureka Entertainment's Blu-ray.


Character Original Actor Original/Export Dub (1985) New Line Dub (1998) Media Asia Dub (2000) Fortune Star Dub (2004)
Chan Ka Kui Jackie Chan John Culkin Ping Wu Jack Murphy Darren Pleavin
Salina Fong Brigitte Lin Bridget Hoffman Andrea Kwan
May Maggie Cheung Elizabeth Oram Andrea Kwan
Chu Tao Chor Yuen Craig Allen Rik Thomas
John Ko Charlie Cho Warwick Evans
Superintendent Li Lam Kwok-Hung Jack Murphy
Danny Chu Ko Fung Hak-on
Inspector Bill Chou Bill Tung Matthew Oram Burton Sharp Rik Thomas
Inspector Man Kam Hing Yin Barry Haigh
Kim Mars
Counsellor Cheung Lau Chi-wing Simon Broad
Lee Tai Po
Tak Kent Tong
Mad Wing Wan Fat

Additional Voices

Original Dub

  • Warwick Evans

New Line Dub


  • Character names are given different localization's between the dubs.
    • Chan Ka Kui is renamed 'Kevin Chan' in the original dub, and simply as 'Jackie Chan' in the second, third and fourth dubs.
    • Salina Fong is renamed 'Selina Fong' in all dubs.
    • Chu Tao is renamed 'Tom Koo' in the original and second dubs, and 'Joe Chu' in the third and fourth dubs.
    • John Ko is renamed 'John Chow' in the second dub.
    • Inspector Bill Chou is renamed 'Inspector Wong' in the original and second dubs, and 'Inspector George' in the third and fourth dubs.
    • Inspector Man is renamed 'Sergeant Mao' in the original dub and second dubs.
    • Mad Wing is renamed 'Jacknife' in the original and second dubs.


Date(s) Channel Country
1998 UPN United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Palace Video 1987 VHS.jpg Export PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cinema Group Home Video 1988 NTSC United States United States
Bestsellers 1993 PAL Netherlands Netherlands
4Front Video 1994 United Kingdom United Kingdom
New Line Home Video 1998 Laserdisc.png New Line NTSC United States United States
Made in Hong Kong 2000 Export PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hong Kong Legends 2001 DVD.jpg Media Asia 2
Dragon Dynasty 2006 Fortune Star 1
United States United States
Shout! Factory 2013
Eureka Entertainment 2018 Original /
Fortune Star
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The Criterion Collection 2019 Original A
United States United States


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