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Pokémon (ポケモン Pokemon), abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā) is a Japanese anime series, based on the series of video games and is part of the franchise of the same name. It originally aired in Japan from April 1, 1997 to November 14, 2002 on TV Tokyo.

The Pokémon anime series is largely credited to having allowed for anime to become more popular and familiar around the world, especially in the United States, where the two highest grossing anime films are both Pokémon films. It is also considered to be the first and so far only anime that has been able to reach this level of mainstream success with western audiences, as well as being credited with allowing the game series to reach such a degree of popularity, and vice versa.

Dubbing History

The series was dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment, produced by 4Kids Productions and syndicated by The Summit Media Group. The dub has been the target of criticism and controversy throughout its history. Despite these criticisms, most of the English dub is well-received, and has many viewers, some even preferring it over the original Japanese anime.

Nintendo asked for changes to be made to the original Japanese show in the English adaptation. "We tried not to have violence or sexual discrimination or religious scenes in the United States," said Masakazu Kubo, executive producer of Shogakukan. The names of the characters and monsters were Westernized: Satoshi became Ash, and Shigeru became Gary, and the Pokémon were given descriptive names. For example, of the three starter Pokémon, Hitokage, a salamander with a ball of fire on its tail, became Charmander; Fushigidane, a dinosaur with a green garlic bulb on its back, became Bulbasaur; and Zenigame, a turtle who squirts water, became Squirtle.


Main Cast

Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Ash Ketchum OS.png Ash Ketchum Satoshi Rica Matsumoto Veronica Taylor
Pikachu OS.png Pikachu Ikue Ōtani not dubbed
Rachael Lillis (several loops)
Misty.png Misty Kasumi Mayumi Iizuka Rachael Lillis
Brock OS.png Brock Takeshi Yūji Ueda Eric Stuart
Jessie OS.png Jessie Musashi Megumi Hayashibara Rachael Lillis
James OS.png James Kojirō Shinichirō Miki Ted Lewis (eps. 2-9)
Eric Stuart
Meowth OS.png Meowth Nyarth Inuko Inuyama Matthew Sussman (eps. 2-31)
Maddie Blaustein
Togepi 2.png Togepi Satomi Kōrogi not dubbed
Tracey Sketchit.png Tracey Sketchit Kenji Tomokazu Seki Ted Lewis
Pokédex GenI Kanto.png Pokedex (Kanto) Kanto no Pokemon Zukan Shinichirō Miki Nick Stellate (eps. 1-49)
Eric Stuart (eps. 50-271)
Pokédex GenII Johto.png Pokedex (Johto) Johto no Pokemon Zukan Eric Stuart
Pokemon-logo.png Narrator Unshō Ishizuka Rodger Parsons
Secondary Characters
Delia Ketchum.png Delia Ketchum Hanako Masami Toyoshima Veronica Taylor
Profesor Oak OS.png Professor Samuel Oak Yukinari Ōkido Hakase Unshō Ishizuka Stuart Zagnit
Gary Oak serie original.png Gary Oak Shigeru Ōkido Yuko Kobayashi James Carter Cathcart
Giovanni OS.png Giovanni Sakaki Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Lewis
Nurse Joy.png Nurse Joy Joy Ayako Shiraishi
(eps. 2-229)
Megan Hollingshead
Yuriko Yamaguchi
(eps. 245-274)
Officer Jenny.png Officer Jenny Junsar-san Chinami Nishimura Lee Quick
Cassidypokemon.png Cassidy Yamato Masako Katsuki Megan Hollingshead
Butch Pokémon.png Butch Kosaburo Takehito Koyasu Eric Stuart

Recurring Cast

Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Ritchie Pokémon.png Ritchie Hiroshi Minami Takayama Tara Sands
Harrisonpokemonhoen.png Harrison Hazuki Katsumi Toriumi Wayne Grayson
Daisy Pokémon.png Daisy Sakura Rei Sakuma Lisa Ortiz
Violet Pokémon.png Violet Ayame Tomoko Kawakami Rachael Lillis
Lily Pokémon.png Lily Botan Yōko Asada Megan Hollingshead
Flint (Kanto).jpg Flint Muno Takaya Hashi Ted Lewis
Pokemon Teachers (Pokemon hakases)
Professor Elmpokemon.png Professor Elm Dr. Utsugi Kazuhiko Inoue Paul Liberti
Pokemon League (Pokemonrigu)
Charles Goodshow.png Mr. Charles Goodshow Tamaranze Kaicho Masaharu Satō James Carter Cathcart
Team Rocket Staff (Roketto-dan)
Dr.namba.jpg Dr. Namba Ichirō Nagai James Carter Cathcart
Recurring Characters
Jessiebelle.jpg Jessebelle Rumika Megumi Hayashibara Rachael Lillis
Magikarpvendor.png Magikarp Salesman Koiking Uri Unshō Ishizuka Eric Stuart
Caseypokemon.png Casey Nanako Nina Kumagaya Kerry Williams

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Season 1: Indigo League
Samuraipokemon.png Samurai Akiko Suzuki James Carter Cathcart 4
Seymourpokemon.png Seymour Tetsuya Iwanaga Maddie Blaustein 6
A.J.Pokémon.png A.J. Nobuyuki Hiyama 8
Joepokemon.png Joe Rikako Aikawa Kayzie Rogers 9
Gisellepokemon.png Giselle Yumi Tōma Roxanne Beck
Melaniepokemon.png Melanie Mako Hyōdō Tara Sands 10
EP011 Damian.png Damian Hikaru Midorikawa Maddie Blaustein 11
Billpokemon.png Bill Masaya Onosaka 13
Surgepokemon.png Lieutenant Surge Fumihiko Tachiki 14
Pkmn Gentleman.png Gentleman Daiki Nakamura 15
Brutella.png Brutella Chika Sakamoto Kayzie Rogers 18-19
NastinaPokemon.jpg Nastina 19
Ghost of Maidens Peak.png Ghost of Maiden's Peak Michiko Neya Megan Hollingshead 20
Pkmn Gastly.png Gastly Takkō Ishimori Ted Lewis
Old Hag
Pkmn Sabrina.png Sabrina Kae Araki Lisa Ortiz 22, 24
Pkmn Sabrinas Dad.png Sabrina's Father Yōsuke Akimoto Maddie Blaustein
Gastly Katsuyuki Konishi Ted Lewis 23
Gengar Kiyonobu Suzuki
Haunter Toshiyuki Morikawa 23-24
Pkmn Erika.png Erika Kyōko Hikami Leah Applebaum 26
Arnolds Mom.png Arnold's Mother Rikako Aikawa Kayzie Rogers 27
Pkmn Suzy.png Suzy Rei Sakuma Leah Applebaum 27, 169
Pkmn Anthony.png Anthony Fumihiko Tachiki Maddie Blaustein 29
Pkmn Rebecca.png Rebecca Junko Asami Roxanne Beck
Pkmn Dick.png Dick Katsuyuki Konishi ¿? 30
Pkmn Philip.png Philip Kōsuke Okano Ted Lewis
Pkmn Aya.png Aya Emi Shinohara Lisa Ortiz 32, 179
Pkmn Koga.png Koga Hōchū Ōtsuka Stuart Zagnit 32
Pkmn Lara.png Lara Laramie Yuri Shiratori Lisa Ortiz 33
Pkmn Darío.png Dario Hiro Yūki Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Tommy.png Tommy/Tomo Motoko Kumai James Carter Cathcart 34
Pkmn Tommys Dad.png Tommy's Father Takashi Taguchi Ted Lewis
Pkmn Tommys Mom.png Tommy's Mother Sachiko Kobayashi Kayzie Rogers
Pkmn Chopper.png Chopper Katsuyuki Konishi Matthew Mitler 35
Pkmn Tyra.png Tyra Satoko Kitō Amanda Goodman
Pkmn Duplica.png Duplica Orine Fukushima Megan Hollingshead 36
Pkmn Mikey.png Mikey Yumi Tōma Kayzie Rogers 38
Pkmn Rainer.png Rainer Kentarō Itō Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Sparky.png Sparky Katsuyuki Konishi Matthew Mitler
Pkmn Pyro.png Pyro Kōsuke Okano Nick Stellate
Pkmn Hippie.png Hippie Hiroshi Ōtake Maddie Blaustein 39
Pkmn Mayor.png Mayor Takeshi Watabe
Pkmn Restaurant Owner.png Restaurant Owner ¿? Jerry Lobozzo 40
Pkmn Yas.png Yas Daiki Nakamura Ted Lewis
Pkmn Kaz.png Kas Kiyoyuki Yanada Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Gym Recruit.png Yas Gym Recruit Wakako Taniguchi Megan Hollingshead
Pkmn Melvin.png Melvin Pal Hazuki Maddie Blaustein 41
Pkmn Assistant.png Melvin's Assistant ¿? Rachael Lillis
Pkmn Cassandra.png Cassandra Konami Yoshida Lisa Ortiz 42
Pkmn Cassandras Grandma.png Cassandra's Grandmother Masami Tachino James Carter Cathcart 42
Pkmn Doctor Proctor.png Dr. Proctor Rikiya Koyama J. David Brimmer 45
Pkmn James Dad.png James' Father Kiyoyuki Yanada Maddie Blaustein 46
Pkmn James Mom.png James' Mother Mako Hyōdō Megan Hollingshead
Pkmn Hopkins.png Hopkins Mitsuru Ogata Ted Lewis 46
Pkmn Keith.png Keith Tsutomu Kashiwakura 47
Pkmn Mountaineer.png Mountaineer ¿? 49
Pkmn Fiorello Cappucino.png Fiorello Cappucino Issei Miyazaki 50
Pkmn Reiko.png Reiko Rumi Kasahara Amy Birnbaum 51
Pkmn Timmy.png Timmy Satomi Kōrogi Kayzie Rogers 51
Pkmn Todd Snap.png Todd Snap Kappei Yamaguchi James Carter Cathcart 53-55
Pkmn Instructor.png Pokemon League Entrance
Exam Instructor
Katsuyuki Konishi Ted Lewis 54
Pkmn Blaine.png Blaine Toshiya Ueda Michael J. Haigney 56-60
Pkmn Oswald.png Oswald Takuma Suzuki Maddie Blaustein 62
Pkmn Stella.png Stella Satsuki Yukino Megan Hollingshead
Pkmn Professor Westwood.png Professor Westwood V Naoki Tatsuta Matthew Sussman 66
Pkmn Victor.png Victor Kazuhiro Nakata J. David Brimmer 67
Victor kid.png Megumi Hayashibara
Ted Lewis
Victor young.png Shinichirō Miki
Pkmn Potter.png Potter Issei Miyazaki 68
Pkmn Florinda.png Florinda Showers Akemi Okamura Amy Birnbaum
Pkmn Cleavon Shpielbunk.png Cleavon Shpielbunk Shōzō Hayashiya James Carter Cathcart 69
Pkmn Katrina.png Katrina Akiko Hiramatsu Tara Sands
Pkmn Old Woman 2.png Old Woman ¿? Kayzie Rogers 70
Pkmn Bruno.png Bruno Toshiyuki Morikawa Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Eve.png Eve Yuka Imai Amy Birnbaum 72
Pkmn Otoshi.png Otoshi Masami Kikuchi Maddie Blaustein 73
Pkmn Indigo League Announcer.png Indigo League Announcer Kōichi Hasebe Ted Lewis 74-81
Pkmn Mandi.png Mandi Hikaru Midorikawa 75
Pkmn Waitress.png Waitress ¿? Tara Sands 76
Pkmn Pete Pebbleman.png Pete Pebbleman Kentarō Itō Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Melissa.png Melissa Shinichirō Miki Tara Sands 77
Pkmn Jeanette Fisher.png Jeanette Fisher Noriko Hidaka
Pkmn Assunta.png Assunta Masami Toyoshima
Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands
Pkmn Professor Ivy.png Professor Felina Ivy Keiko Han Kayzie Rogers 83
Pkmn Charity.png Professor Ivy's Assistants
(Charity, Hope & Faith)
Ikue Ōtani
Pkmn Hope.png Mika Kanai
Pkmn Faith.png Satomi Kōrogi
Pkmn Punk 1.png Three Punks Katsuyuki Konishi Matthew Mitler 84
Pkmn Punk 2.png Shinichirō Miki Ted Lewis
Pkmn Punk 3.png Kōichi Sakaguchi Maddie Blaustein
Pkmn Cissy.png Cissy Miki Nagasawa Tara Sands 85
Pkmn Senta.png Senta Kumiko Watanabe Kayzie Rogers 85
Pkmn Mateo.png Mateo Atsushi Kisaichi Buddy Woodward 87
Pkmn Marissa.png Marissa Satomi Kōrogi Tara Sands 87
Pkmn Umberto.png Umberto Shōzō Iizuka Scottie Ray 89
Pkmn Reporter.png Reporter Satomi Kōrogi Amy Birnbaum 89
Pkmn Kay.png Kay Yumi Kakazu Jessica Calvello 90
Pkmn Roger.png Roger Kenichi Ogata Maddie Blaustein 90
Pkmn Anne.png Anne Rikako Aikawa Kayzie Rogers 90
Pkmn Len.png Len Kōichi Sakaguchi Matthew Sussman 90
Pkmn Marina.png Marina Yukana Nogami Lisa Ortiz 91
Pkmn Danny.png Danny Yasunori Matsumoto Jim Malone 93
Pkmn Ruby.png Ruby Michiko Neya Tara Sands 94
Pkmn Captain.png Captain Kōji Ishii Maddie Blaustein 95
Pkmn Mikeosu.png Mikeosu Tsutomu Kashiwakura Matthew Sussman 96
Pkmn Shimajio.png Shimajio Yonehiko Kitagawa James Carter Cathcart 96
Pkmn Prima.png Prima Maria Kawamura Jayne Grand 99
Pkmn Ralph.png Ralph Rikako Aikawa Tara Sands 100
Pkmn Emily.png Emily Satsuki Yukino Amy Birnbaum 100
Pkmn Ethan.png Ethan Kinryū Arimoto Matthew Sussman 101
Pkmn Mayor of Trovitopolis.png Mayor of Trovitopolis Toshihiko Nakajima James Carter Cathcart 102
Mayor of Trovitopolis child.png Megumi Hayashibara
Pkmn Mahri.png Mahri Mika Kanai Kayzie Rogers 103
Pkmn Rudy.png Rudy Ryō Horikawa Matthew Mitler 103
Pkmn Rudys Referee.png Rudy's Referee ¿? 103
Pkmn Tad.png Tad Mitsuaki Madono Maddie Blaustein 105
Pkmn Aidan.png Captain Aidan Kazuo Hayashi Dan Green 106,
Pkmn Gulzar.png Gulzar Kazue Ikura Amy Birnbaum 107
Pkmn Luana.png Luana Mami Koyama Kayzie Rogers 108
Pkmn Sheldon2.png Sheldon Kōichi Sakaguchi Eric Stuart 108
Pkmn Dr. Quincy T. Quackenpoker.png Quincy T. Quackenpoker Hiroshi Ōtake Jerry Lobozzo 109
Pkmn Drake.png Drake Kōji Yusa Scottie Ray 111-112
Pkmn Orange League Announcer.png Orange League Announcer Kōichi Hasebe Ted Lewis 111-112
Pkmn Crook.png Captain Crook Hidetoshi Nakamura ¿? 113
Pkmn Scuz.png Scuz Kentarō Itō Maddie Blaustein 113
Pkmn Poncho.png Poncho Masashi Ebara Scottie Ray 114
Season 3: The Johto Journeys
Woodruff.png Woodruff Kazuya Nakai Dan Green 119
Rochelle.png Rochelle Yuri Amano Tara Sands 120
Hagatha.png Hagatha Hisako Kyōda James Carter Cathcart 121
Nagatha2.png Nagatha
Pkmn Bailey.png Bailey Masami Suzuki Emily Niebo 122
Madame Muchmoney.png Madame Muchmoney Kazuko Yanaga Carol Jacobanis 124
Jeeves.png Jeeves Hidenari Ugaki Dan Green 124
Winthrops Trainer.png Winthrop's Trainer ¿? Veronica Taylor 124
Arielle.png Arielle Kumiko Nishihara Carol Jacobanis 128
Mr Douglas.png Mr. Douglas ¿? Maddie Blaustein 128
Pkmn Zackie.png Zackie Rikako Aikawa Amy Birnbaum 130
Lizzy Pkmn.png Lizzy Mika Kanai Kayzie Rogers 130
Miss Priscilla.png Miss Priscilla Ryōka Yuzuki Amy Birnbaum 130
Earl Dervish anime.png Earl Dervish Katsuyuki Konishi Eric Stuart 130
Falkner.png Falkner Akira Ishida Matthew Mitler 131
EP133 Referee.png Falkner's Referee ¿? Maddie Blaustein 131
Wilhelmina.png Wilhomena Sachiko Sugawara Tara Sands 132
Liza.png Liza Sakiko Tamagawa Lisa Ortiz 134
Sonrisa.png Sonrisa Wakana Yamazaki Megan Hollingshead 135
Cyrus2 Johto.png Cyrus Katsuyuki Konishi Dan Green 135
PK Johto Announcer.png Announcer ¿? 135
PK Johto Judge1.png Judges ¿? 135
PK Johto Judge2.png ¿? Veronica Taylor
PK Johto Judge3.png ¿? Megan Hollingshead
EP139 Mariah2.png Mariah Miki Takahashi Tara Sands 137
Mr Parker.png Mr. Parker / Gligarman Yūsaku Yara Eric Stuart 138
Latoya Parker.png Latoya Parker / Gligirl Yuki Masuda Amy Birnbaum 138
Mary Johto.png Mary Yūko Mita 139
Pkmn Ellen.png Ellen (Mary's Mother) Yumi Sōma Carol Jacobanis 139
Pkmn Shingo.png Shingo Susumu Chiba Dan Green 140
EP142 Muramasa.png Muramasa Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Scottie Ray 140
Pkmn Koji.png Koji Akio Suyama Ted Lewis 141
Kurt anime.png Kurt Masashi Hirose James Carter Cathcart 142-143
Maisy.png Maisy Satsuki Yukino Tara Sands 142-144
Bugsy.png Bugsy Hiromi Ishikawa 144
Sylvester Johto.png Sylvester Hiroyuki Yoshino Amy Birnbaum 145
Pkmn Yosaku.png Sylvester's Father Yū Shimaka Eric Stuart 145
Benny Johto.png Benny Yoshiko Kamei Kayzie Rogers 146
Fernando Johto.png Fernando Kōji Yusa Ted Lewis 146
Olesia.png Olesia Yuko Kobayashi Amy Birnbaum 148
Growlithe Trainer.png Growlithe Trainer ¿? Kayzie Rogers 152
Pkmn Miki.png Miki Atsuko Enomoto Lisa Ortiz 152
Pkmn Trixie.png Trixie Yumi Takada Amy Birnbaum 153
Dr Wiseman.png Dr. Wiseman Tomohiro Nishimura Maddie Blaustein 154
Pkmn Cherry.png Cherry Mika Kanai Kerry Williams 156
Pkmn Mrs. Bellows.png Mrs. Bellows Rikako Aikawa Kayzie Rogers 156
Season 4: Johto League Champions
Whitney anime.png Whitney Yūko Miyamura Megan Hollingshead 158-159
Whitneys Referee.png Whitney's Referee ¿? Lisa Ortiz 158
Pkmn Uncle Milton.png Uncle Milton Yuzuru Fujimoto Eric Stuart 159
EP162 Arashi.png Radio Producer ¿? Ted Lewis 160
EP162 DJ Mary.png DJ Mary Atsuko Enomoto Amy Birnbaum 160
Dugtrio Trio.png Dugtrio Trio ¿? Ted Lewis 160
¿? Rachael Lillis
Pkmn Pierre.png Pierre Yasunori Matsumoto Eric Stuart 162
Pkmn Marie.png Marie Satomi Kōrogi Megan Hollingshead 162
Maries Grandpa.png Marie's Grandpa Takayuki Yamaguchi ¿? 162
Pkmn Foster.png Foster Nobutoshi Canna ¿? 163
EP166 Malachi.png Malachi Motoko Kumai Tara Sands 164
EP166 Malachis Grandpa.png Malachi's Grandpa Kinryū Arimoto Mike Pollock 164
EP167 Dr. Anna.png Dr. Anna Mako Hyōdō Megan Hollingshead 165
Pkmn Keiko.png Keiko Ikue Ōtani Amy Birnbaum 165
Pkmn Kenzo.png Kenzo Tomomichi Nishimura James Carter Cathcart 166
EP168 Shiro.png Shiro Tomoyuki Shimura Andrew Rannells 166
EP168 Chigusa.png Chigusa Akiko Hiramatsu Lisa Ortiz 166
Pkmn Andreas.png Andreas Kōsuke Okano Ted Lewis 168
Zane.png Zane Ryōtarō Okiayu Scottie Ray 169
Old Man Shuckle.png Old Man Shuckle Isamu Tanonaka James Carter Cathcart 170
Alex Davis.png Alex Davis Daisuke Kishio Kayzie Rogers 171
Pkmn Benji.png Benji Yuka Imai Amy Birnbaum 172
Benji father.png Benji's Father Takao Ōyama Jerry Lobozzo 172
Nario.png Nario Kentarō Itō Andrew Rannells 173
EP175 Lulu.png Lulu Ai Satō Kayzie Rogers 173
Annie Johto.png Annie Ikue Ōtani Kerry Williams 173
Tsuyoshi Wobbuffet Festival crasher.png Tsuyoshi Kōichi Sakaguchi Wayne Grayson 173
Tetsuya Wobbuffet Festival crasher.png Tetsuya Katsuyuki Konishi Maddie Blaustein 173
Hisashi Wobbuffet Festival crasher.png Hisashi Kenichi Suzumura Matthew Mitler 173
EP178 Tokichi.png Tokichi Norio Wakamoto Rodger Parsons 176
Ralph Johto.png Ralph Shinichirō Miki Dan Green 176
Mickey Johto.png Mickey Satomi Kōrogi Kayzie Rogers 176
Zachary Evans.png Zachary Evans Ikue Ōtani Amy Birnbaum 177
Mr. Evans.png Mr. Evans Katsuyuki Konishi Scottie Ray 177
Mr. Strussel.png Mr. Strussel ¿? Maddie Blaustein 177
Pkmn Ephraim.png Ephraim Yumiko Kobayashi Tara Sands 178
EP180 Ephraims Father.png Ephraim's Father Kōichi Sakaguchi Scottie Ray 178
Pkmn Ephraims Mother.png Ephraim's Mother Satomi Kōrogi Kayzie Rogers 178
Charmaine anime.png Charmaine Fumiko Orikasa Lisa Ortiz 179
Mareep farmer.png Mareep Farmer Ryūji Saikachi ¿? 180
Morty3.png Morty Masaya Matsukaze Andrew Rannells 181-182
EP183 Infernando.png Infernando Katsuyuki Konishi James Carter Cathcart 181
Sakura Johto.png
Sakura en kimono.png
Sakura Mariko Kouda Kerry Williams 183, 226
Satsuki Jolteon.png Satsuki Yumi Tōma Lisa Ortiz 183, 226
EP185 Sumomo.png Sumomo Satomi Kōrogi Kayzie Rogers 183, 226
Tamao Umbreon.png Tamao Rikako Aikawa Megan Hollingshead 183, 226
Koume Flareon.png Koume Mika Kanai Tara Sands 183, 226
Gan Gogh.png Gan Gogh Kenichi Ogata James Carter Cathcart 185
Pkmn Sophia.png Sophia Miyoko Shōji Veronica Taylor 187
Pkmn Young Sophia.png Ikue Ōtani (young)
Pkmn Marcello.png Marcello Osamu Saka Eric Stuart 187
Pkmn Young Marcello.png Kōichi Sakaguchi
Pkmn Peggy.png Peggy Rie Kugimiya Kerry Williams 188
Pkmn Rory.png Rory Daisuke Gōri ¿? 188
EP192 Ramona.png Ramona Megumi Toyoguchi Roxanne Beck 190
EP192 Keegan.png Keegan Motoko Kumai Tara Sands 190
Pkmn Bucky.png Bucky Hōko Kuwashima Amy Birnbaum 191
Pkmn Timothy EP191.png Timothy Akiko Suzuki James Carter Cathcart 191
EP193 Yurika.png Yurika Asa Shirakura Kerry Williams 191
EP194 Goneff.png Goneff Masaru Ikeda Sean Schemmel 192
Raiden.png Raiden Katsuyuki Konishi Dan Green 194
Pkmn Shonosuke.png Shonosuke Kōsei Tomita ¿? 194
Pkmn Simon.png Simon Sukekiyo Kameyama J. David Brimmer 195
Pkmn Young Simon.png Satomi Kōrogi (child) Tara Sands
Lead Phony Pokemon Interpreter.png Lead Phony
Pokemon Interpreter
Naoya Uchida Greg Abbey 195
Simon father.png Simon's Father Kōichi Sakaguchi Ted Lewis 195
EP197 Pidgey.png Talking Pidgey Yūji Ueda James Carter Cathcart 195
EP197 Rattata.png Talking Rattata ¿? 195
EP197 Oddish.png Talking Oddish ¿? Tara Sands 195
EP198 Tierra.png Tierra Michiko Neya Amy Birnbaum 196
Jack Pollockson.png Jack Pollockson Rokurō Naya James Carter Cathcart 197
EP199 Reporter.png Reporter ¿? Ted Lewis 197
EP200 Temacu.png Temacu Yukana Nogami Amy Birnbaum 198
EP200 Temacus Father.png Temacu's Father Tomoyuki Shimura Dan Green 198
Pkmn Haruno.png Haruno Masako Isobe Kayzie Rogers 200
Mackenzie.png Mackenzie Mitsuki Saiga 201
Mackenzie Father.png Mackenzie's Father Katsuyuki Konishi Dan Green 201
Pkmn Skyler.png Skyler Yoshiko Kamei Michelle Newman 202
EP204 Tenma.png Tenma Naoki Bandō Marc Thompson 202
Brad Van Darn2.png Brad Van Darn Nobutoshi Canna 203
Vidso.png Vidso Kōichi Sakaguchi Scottie Ray 203
EP206 Pietra.png Pietra Yumi Tōma Carol Jacobanis 204
Pkmn Madison.png Madison Mako Hyōdō Amy Palant 205
Pkmn Alexa.png Alexa Rei Sakuma Lisa Ortiz 205
Jasmine Johto.png Jasmine Yumi Kakazu Tara Sands 208
Myron.png Myron Toshihiko Nakajima James Carter Cathcart 208
Janina.png Janina Yuko Sasamoto Kerry Williams 208-209
Chuck anime.png Chuck Nobuaki Kakuda Dan Green 209
EP211 Chucks Wife.png Chuck's Wife Miho Yamada Tara Sands 209
Season 5: Master Quest
Captain Marius.png Captain Marius Hidetoshi Nakamura James Carter Cathcart 210
Pkmn Marril Trainer.png Trainer ¿? Wayne Grayson 210
Pkmn Wilbur.png Wilbur Kentarō Itō 211
Dayton.png Dayton Akiko Hiramatsu Tara Sands 212
EP214 Daizo.png Daizo (Dayton's Father) Katsuyuki Konishi ¿? 212
EP215 Mika.png Mika Mika Kanai Kerry Williams 213
Pkmn Andrea.png Andrea Satsuki Yukino Tara Sands 213
EP215 Mika & Andreas Father.png Mika & Andrea's Father Mitsuaki Hoshino Dan Green 213
Luka.png Luka Rumi Kasahara Lisa Ortiz 214, 220-222
Pkmn Marcellus.png Marcellus Yūko Satō Amy Birnbaum 215
EP218 Priestess Maya.png Maya, the Sea Priestess Yuriko Yamamoto Amy Palant 216-217
Pkmn Christopher.png Christopher Romi Park Tara Sands 216
Pkmn Harrison Whirl Cup.png Harrison Kōichi Sakaguchi Eric Stuart 216
Pkmn Trinity.png Trinity Tomoko Kawakami Carol Jacobanis 217
Whirl Cup winner.png Whirl Cup Winner Katsuyuki Konishi ¿? 217
EP220 Rita.png Rita Satomi Kōrogi Leah Applebaum 218
EP220 Sue.png Sue Ikue Ōtani Amanda Goodman 218
Diglett Thieves Leader.png Diglett Thieves Leader Tōru Ōkawa Dan Green 218
Pkmn Ariene.png Ariene Yuko Sumitomo Roxanne Beck 219
Pkmn Jenaro.png Jenaro Kazuya Nakai Ted Lewis 219
Pkmn Oliver.png Oliver Motoko Kumai Kayzie Rogers 220-222
Wings Alexander.png Wings Alexander Chafurin James Carter Cathcart 223
EP227 Carter.png Carter Katsuyuki Konishi 225
Eusine.png Eusine Shinji Kawada Ted Lewis 227
Mr. Shellby.png Mr. Shellby Takashi Nagasako Dan Green 228
Kimie.png Kimie Shōko Tsuda Kayzie Rogers 228
Pkmn Wendy.png Wendy Narumi Hidaka Lisa Ortiz 231
Rocket Scout.png Rocket Scout Reiko Suzuki Kayzie Rogers 231
Lokoko.png Lokoko Tomoe Hanba Tara Sands 232
Kiyo2.png Kiyo Takeharu Onishi Dan Green 233
Callista Johto.png Calista Kumiko Yokote Tara Sands 234
Pkmn Tyson.png Tyson Yoshinori Sonobe Dan Green 235
Professor Sebastian.png Professor Sebastian Hidetoshi Nakamura Eric Stuart 235-236
Lance anime.png Lance Susumu Chiba Wayne Grayson 235-236
Pryce.png Pryce Motomu Kiyokawa James Carter Cathcart 237
Young Pryce.png Kōichi Sakaguchi
Pkmn Sheila.png Sheila Kazue Komiya Kayzie Rogers 237
Steven Johto.png Steven Kenichi Suzumura Dan Green 239
Egan.png Egan Michiyo Yanagisawa Tara Sands 240
EP243 Lily.png Lily Rie Kugimiya Lisa Ortiz 241
Krystal Johto.png Krystal Makoto Tsumura Tara Sands 242
Brittany Johto.png Brittany Yui Horie Kerry Williams 243
Pkmn Madeleine.png Madeleine Miki Itō Lisa Ortiz 244
EP248 Ken.png Ken Toshihiko Seki Marc Thompson 246
EP248 Mary.png Mary Rumi Ochiai Megan Hollingshead 246
Pkmn Delaney.png Delaney Kenji Nojima Wayne Grayson 247
Mason Johto.png Mason Rikako Aikawa Mason Ripka 247
EP251 Tammy.png Tammy Sachiko Sugawara Tara Sands 249
Clair anime.png Clair Yūko Mita Megan Hollingshead 250-254
Kaburagi.png Kaburagi Eiji Maruyama James Carter Cathcart 250
Pkmn Dorian.png Dorian Kōichi Tōchika Michael Sinterniklaas 255
Pkmn Naomi.png Naomi Yurika Hino Roxanne Beck 256
Pkmn Nelson.png Nelson Yoko Sōmi Kayzie Rogers 258
Pkmn Professor Telesu.png Professor Telesu Masaki Aizawa Dan Green 259
Alice Telesu.png Alice Telesu Akiko Kimura Tara Sands 259
Satchel.png Satchel Yūko Satō 261
EP266 Braggo.png Braggo Akimitsu Takase Wayne Grayson 263
EP266 Chico.png Chico Kenichi Suzumura Sam Riegel 263
EP266 Blurt.png Blurt Yoshinori Sonobe Ted Lewis 263
EP266 Ranger Manson.png Ranger Mason Satsuki Yukino Tara Sands 263
EP269 Johto League Referee.png Johto League Referee ¿? Darren Dunstan 265-271
Johto League Announcer.png Johto League Announcer Jin Horikawa Ted Lewis 265-271
EP268 salvador.png Salvador Daisuke Kishio Oliver Wyman 265-266, 268
EP270 macey.png Macey Konomi Maeda Kerry Williams 266-271
EP270 Vincent.png Jackson Daisuke Sakaguchi Anthony Salerno 266-271
Kim Invencible Brothers.png Kim Makoto Tsumura Sean Schemmel 272
Kai Invencible Brothers.png Kai Makoto Higo Greg Abbey 272
Kail Invencible Brothers.png Kail Yugo Takahashi Marc Thompson 272
Pkmn Captain Kanto.png Ship Captain Katsuyuki Konishi Ted Lewis 273

Additional Voices


  • Most every dub of Pokémon is based on 4Kids' English edit of the series.
  • The original 276 episodes were cut down to 273. Episodes 35, 38 and 252 were removed and undubbed due to controversial content. Further, Episode 18, while dubbed, was later removed from rotation due to its controversial content (the episode features James posing as a woman on the beach with fake inflatable breasts) and is not included on any DVDs or foreign dubbing packages, thus taking the episode count down to 272.
    • According to voice actress Maddie Blaustein, the infamous episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" (Episode 38; infamously known for inducing seizures in around 685 people in Japan viewing it during a rapidly flashing explosion in the episode, on December 16, 1997) was actually dubbed by 4Kids, with the offending scene edited, though Nintendo refused to allow it to air due to the immense controversy. The truth about this has been unclear, as it has been refuted by Veronica Taylor, though affirmed by Eric Stuart.
  • Musashi and Kojiro' English names (Jessie and James) are a reference to notorious Western outlaw Jesse James. As well, Kosaburo and Yamato's English names (Butch & Cassidy) are a reference to Butch Cassidy.
  • While Pikachu (and most Pokémon) keeps its original Japanese voice, on the occasions early in the series where the original dialogue couldn't be isolated, Rachael Lillis fills in as Pikachu.


Date(s) Channel Country
1998 Syndication United States United States
1999-2003 The WB (Kids' WB!)

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Pioneer Entertainment 1998-2002 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-80 / 117-155 NTSC United States United States
39 Volumes
1998-2004 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-80 / 117-209 1
46 Volumes
Viz Media 2002-2005 Episodes 81-116 / 210-274
9 Volumes
2006-2008 Episodes 1-116
4 Volumes
2013-2014 Episodes 1-80
3 Volumes
2014-2016 The Complete Series
5 Volumes
2017 BD Episodes 1-57 A
1 Volume (TBC)

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