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Pil's Adventures is a 2021 French animated film directed by Julien Fournet. The film was produced by TAT Productions who are best known for The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue. The film was released in France on August 11, 2021. An English dub of the film was released in the US on August 9, 2022.

The English dub was originally recorded in Montreal at La Belle Équipe. The US release however redubs the voices for Pil and Graubart with Dalila Bela and Carlos Mencia respectively, likely for name recognition.


A spunky young girl disguises herself as a princess in order to save the kingdom and the heir to the throne.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Dub Actor
Pil Kaycie Chase Eleanor Noble Dalila Bela
Graubart Paul Borne Richard Dumont Carlos Mencia
Giggler Julien Crampon Wyatt Bowen
Mister Dastardo
Lord Tristain Pierre Tessier Terrence Scammell
Prince Roland Gauthier Battoue Scott Humphrey
Duchess Alienor Barbara Tissier Pauline Little
Logan Emmanuel Curtil Terrence Scammell
The Sorceress Martine Irzenski Sonja Ball
The Mercenary Leader Enrique Carballido ¿?
Shephard Laurent Maurel ¿?
Herald Jérémy Prévost ¿?

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Distributor Year Format Region Country
Madman Entertainment 2022 DVD 4
Australia Australia

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