Phantaman, (黄金バット Ōgon Batto) also known as Golden Bat is a 1967 anime based on a kamishibai (paper theater) and manga created by Takeo Nagamatsu.


In search of the fabled coutnry of Atlantis, Archaeologist Professor Mire leads an expedition that winds up much farther south than intended. Upon reaching Antarctica, however, their ship is attacked by a mechanical monster created by the evil Dr. Zero (Nazo in the original Japanese), leaving Professor Mire's daughter Mary the sole survivor. She is rescued by Dr. Steele (Professor Yamatone) with his invention, the Supercar, and meets his son Terry (Takeru) and his assistant Gabby (Dareo). The crew soon discovers, however, that they have run out of fresh water -- necessary for operating the ship -- so they land on an island in hopes of finding a lake or a pond. Miraculously, the island turns out to be Atlantis. There they are pursued by Zero's forces and scurry into a tomb, which turns out to be the tomb of Phantoma, Atlantean god of justice. They revive him with the bit of water they discover deep in the tomb, and as thanks he saves them from the mechanical beast. From there on, Phantoma, when called, joins them in their fight against Dr. Zero.

Dubbing History

Phantoma, Phantaman, Fantoma, Ougon Bat EnglishDub

Phantoma, Phantaman, Fantoma, Ougon Bat EnglishDub

The only known clip available of the English dub.

The same year the show premiered, the series was dubbed by the Tokyo-based dubbing company Frontier Enterprises and picked up for broadcast by the Australian Nine Network. The dub first aired in April of 1968, and continued airing until as late as 1972.[1]

After reruns ceased from Australian Television, the dub has yet to resurface in any form. It is assumed that the Nine Network sent the 16mm reels back to Japan, either that or wiped the tapes. It has been theorized that other dubs of the series were based on the English version, as the characters' names in the Italian, Spanish and Portugeuse dubs all use the Americanized names used in the English dub.

Since VHS Recording was 4 years away when the show last aired, it is highly improbable that any of the dub has been recorded during its run. However, a 20 second audio clip recorded by Roger Lily on an audio tape in the early '70s[2] surfaced on YouTube in 2012 (albeit run through a noise removal filter to clear the audible buzzing of the TV). A search is currently underway for information leading to the English dub and further information regarding it. [3]


Image Character Seiyū Voice Actor
Fantomas steel Doctor Steel Ichirō Murakoshi William Ross
Fantomas fantomas Phantoma Osamu Kobayashi Burr Middleton
Fantomas zero Doctor Zero Ushio Shima
Fantomas terry Terry Kazue Takahashi ?¿
Fantomas mary Mary Minori Matsushima Patricia Kobayashi
Fantomas gabi Gabby Kazuya Tatekabe Burr Middleton
Fantomas gorgo Gorgo Kenji Utsumi ?¿
Fantomas death Dr. Death ?¿ ?¿
Narration Yuzuru Fujimoto Burr Middleton


  • The opening theme is a chopped up version of the Japanese theme, instead of doing a translation or an instrumental version.
  • The English title is misleading since the titular character is referred to as "Phantoma" in the series.
  • Burr Middleton came up with referring to the title character as "Warrior of Justice"


Date(s) Channel Country
1968-1972 Nine Network Australia Flag Australia


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