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Peter No-Tail in America (Pelle Svanslös i Amerikatt) is a 1985 Swedish animated film, the sequel to 1981's Peter No-Tail. Like its predecessor, the film was dubbed both in the United Kingdom and the United States, both containing radically different voice casts and both released on VHS in their respective countries.


Character British Name American Name Swedish Actor American Dub Actor British Dub Actor
Pelle Svanslös Peter No-Tail Erik Lindgren Cam Clarke Susan Sheridan
Elaka Måns Mans Max Ernst-Hugo Järegård Bill Capizzi Jeff Harding
Maja Gräddnos Maya Silknose Molly Creamnose Ewa Fröling ¿? Sián Rivers
Bill Carl Billquist Robert Axelrod Jonathan Keeble
Bull Björn Gustafson Bill Capizzi Neill Conrich
Pelle Swanson Peter Longtail Stellan Skarsgård ¿? ¿?
Filadelfia-Fille Philadelphia Philly Mille Schmidt Robert Axelrod Stephen Lyons
Lodjuret Lynxen Old Bearcat Jan Nygren Mike Reynolds William Roberts

Additional Voices

American Dub

British Dub

  • Hywel Bishop
  • Neill Conrich
  • Angharad Davies
  • Jonathan Keeble
  • Stephen Lyons
  • Elizabeth Peerce
  • Mathonwy Reeves
  • Sián Rivers
  • William Roberts
  • Frank Rozelaar-Green

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