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David Patrick Seitz (born March 17, 1978 in Riverside, California, USA) is an American voice actor, ADR director and script writer whose done work for Geneon Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, Media Blasters, NYAV Post, New Generation Pictures, FUNimation Entertainment, Studiopolis, and Viz Media.

He's most known for his roles as Franky in One Piece, Germany in the Hetalia series, Isshin Kurosaki and Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach, Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Laxus Dreyar in Fairy Tail, Jiren in Dragon Ball Super and Ragna the Bloodedge in BlazBlue: Alter Memory.


Seitz began acting in plays age the age of fourteen when he tried out for, and got into The King and I. He continued doing theater through high school, and took acting and singing lessons. Prior to his current level of involvement in the voice-over industry, he taught English studies at his high school alma mater and received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts in Creative and the Performing Arts Writing (both from UC Riverside).

Seitz's video game roles include Eternal Sonata, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, BlazBlue, League of Legends, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Octopath Traveler, Skullgirls, and Tekken. On the other side of the mic, Seitz adapted and directed the English dubs of Girls Bravo, Kamichu, Tales of Phantasia OVA, and Carole & Tuesday, in addition to adapting over 100 episodes of other series, including Aggretsuko, Zegapain, Hell Girl, and Romeo x Juliet.


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  • Sushi Ninja (2014) - Elite Ninja (ep. 1)
  • Pokémon Generations (2016) - Ryoku (ep. 13), Ghetsis (ep. 15)
  • Star Wars Visions (2021) - Homen (The Ninth Jedi), Jedi, Villager (The Village Bride), Musha (Akakiri), Trooper #A (The Duel), Additional Voices

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