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Parallels (French: Parallèles; stylized as Para//èles) is a French science-fiction-mystery streaming television series for children and adolescents, which is produced by Daïmôn Films and Empreinte Digitale for the Walt Disney Company. The series premiered on Disney+ on March 23, 2022 in France, the US and other countries.


Four childhood friends, Sam, Bilal, Romane and Victor, are leading a calm existence in a peaceful village in the mountains when a mysterious event turns their worlds upside down. In a split second, the universe discards its rules and reshuffles everything: the present, the future and multiverses merge, separating the teens and sending them into parallel worlds, in different time frames. They set about trying to fathom out what happened, striving to find each other and return to the world they used to know.


Character Original Actor France U.S. Dub United States
Samuel Thomas Chomel Michael Johnston
Bilal Omar Mebrouk Austen Moret (30-years-old)
Timoté Rigault Gideon Modisett (14-years-old)
Victor Jules Houplain Paul Mikel Williams (18-years-old)
Maxime Bergeron Ben Valic (12-years-old)
Romane Jade Pedri Blake Fisher (17-years-old)
Victoria Eber Sydney Bell (14-years-old)
Retz Guillaume Labbé Danny Burnside
Camille Anastasia Ait Zakhar Everly Hobert
Sofia Naidra Ayadi Tiana Camacho
Monsieur Siriex ? Gabriel Olivia
Arnaud Deslandes Gil Alma

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Company Date Content Country
Disney Plus March 23, 2022 6 eps United States United States

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