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Ox Tales, originally known as The Tales of Boes' Gang (げらげらブース物語 Geragera Būsu Monogatari) is a Japanese-Dutch anime series based on the series of Dutch comic strips titled Boes, created by Wil Raymakers and Thijs Wilms. Co-produced by the Dutch Telecable Benelux B.V. and the Japanese Studio Cosmos, the series originally aired on TV Tokyo from April 7, 1987 to March 29, 1988.

Dubbing History

The Tales of Boes' Gang was originally licensed and adapted by Saban Entertainment in the United States and adapted as Ox Tales. Saban's adaptation would only end up airing on the BBC in the United Kingdom, though it would be released on VHS by Celebrity Home Entertainment in the United States. The series was supposedly planned to air on Fox Family in the United States, though this never happened.

In 2001, all of Saban and its library were acquired by the Walt Disney Company. The rights to Saban's dub expired on May 27, 2008[1], with the rights to the dub reverting back to Telescreen, which not long after would be acquired by the German brand management & media company m4e.

m4e/Telescreen currently owns the worldwide rights to the series, and in 2010, m4e produced a new English dub, done in the Netherlands using English-speaking actors. This dub is based on the Dutch dub, and utilizes the original Dutch character names and the original music and opening theme. Even so, the dub still utilizes Saban's title of Ox Tales. It is currently available for viewing on YouTube by m4e.


Saban United States

Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Ollie Akira Kamiya Jeff Winkless
Jack Turtleson Hirotaka Suzuoki Michael Sorich
Moe the Mole Kazue Ikura ¿?
Narration /
Towilla the Toucan
¿? Steve Kramer

Additional Voices

Hoek & Sonépouse Netherlands

  • Brian Tijon Ajong
  • Rob Andrist-Plourde
  • Michael Diederich
  • Amber Ruffin

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Entertainment UK 1990 VHS.jpg 2 Episodes PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Volume
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1991-1992 Various Episodes NTSC United States United States
4 Volumes


  • At least two of the voice actors from the second dub come from the Boom Chicago troupe, being Brian Tijon Ajong and Amber Ruffin.


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