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Out of My League (Sul più bello) is a 2020 Italian film, Premiered on Italy on October 21, 2020 and was streamed worldwide on Netflix on August 18, 2021.


Marta may be an orphan, and she may be affected by a lethal illness, yet she is the most positive person one can meet. She wants a boy to fall for her. Not any boy - the most handsome of them all. One day, she may have found her match.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Marta Ludovica Francesconi Ellie Ruiz Rodriguez
Arturo Giuseppe Maggio Jon Tarcy
Jacopo Jozef Gjura Andrew York
Federica Gaja Masciale Bonnie Allen
Giulietta Simona Nasi Laura Rogers
Vittorio Elia Tedesco Daniel Nyari
Filippo Luca Lazzareschi David Holt
Director Morana Franco Ravera Andy Whipp

Additional Voices

  • Christopher Godwin - Doctor
  • Elizabeth Riley - Beatrice
  • Lucy Phelps - Club Secretary
  • Bethan Archer
  • Edward Walton
  • Emanuele Latina
  • John Harley
  • Josh Dorn
  • Megan Leavey
  • Mustafa Ozen
  • Paul J. Rose
  • Robin Edwards
  • Sarah Berger
  • Sarah Whitehouse

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png August 18, 2021 Netflix Original Film Digital 16+ United States

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