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One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン Wanpanman) is a Japanese anime adaptation of the superhero parody manga/web comic series of the same name, created by One. The first season was produced by Madhouse and originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from October 5, 2015 to December 21, 2015. A second season was announced in 2016 and aired from April 9, 2019 to July 2, 2019. The second season was produced by J.C. Staff

The series was licensed by Viz Media in North America, who produced an English-language dub.


The story takes place in a fictional metropolis known as City Z, in Japan. The city is invaded by strange monsters that appear mysteriously and cause numerous disasters to the population. Saitama is a powerful bald superhero who easily defeats monsters or other villains with a single punch. Because of this, Saitama has found his strength boring and is always trying to find more powerful rivals that can match him.

In his adventures he meets with new friends, enemies and his own disciple, the cyborg Genos, and joins the Association of Heroes to gain fame for all his actions and to prevent evil. Despite defeating many powerful enemies that the main heroes, even those of the Association of Heroes, are unable to defeat, Saitama is unable to get recognition of his actions in general. Most people discriminate against him because of his normal physical appearance and some accuse him of being a fake hero. Only a small number of individuals recognize his incredible talent and humility towards others.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Saitama-OPM.png Saitama Makoto Furukawa Max Mittelman
Genos OPM.png Genos Kaito Ishikawa Zach Aguilar
Hero Association
S-Class Superheros
Tatsumaki-OPM.png Tornado of Terror / Tatsumaki Aoi Yūki Marieve Herington
(eps. 6-12)
Corina Boettger
(eps. 18-24)
Silver Fang-OPM.png Bang / Silver Fang Kazuhiro Yamaji John DeMita
Atomic Samurai-OPM.png Atomic Samurai Kenjirō Tsuda Kyle Hebert
Kid Emperor-OPM.png Child Emperor Minami Takayama Sara Cravens
Metal Knight-OPM.png Metal Knight Tesshō Genda Jamieson Price
King-OPM.png King Hiroki Yasumoto Rich Brown
Zombie Man-OPM.png Zombieman Takahiro Sakurai Vernon Dew
Drive Knight-OPM.png Drive Knight Yōji Ueda Todd Haberkorn
Pig God-OPM.png Pig God Daisuke Namikawa Marc Diraison (ep. 10)
Brook Chalmers (ep. 19)
Superalloy-OPM.png Superalloy Blackluster Satoshi Hino Zeno Robinson
Watchdog Man-OPM.png Watchdog Man Yūji Ueda Arnie Pantoja
Flashy Flash-OPM.png Flashy Flash Kōsuke Toriumi Lex Lang
Tanktop Master-OPM.png Tanktop Master Katsuyuki Konishi Patrick Seitz
Metal Bat-OPM.png Metal Bat Wataru Hatano Sam Riegel
Puri Puri Prisoner OPM.png Puri-Puri Prisoner Masaya Onosaka Ray Chase
A-Class Superheroes
Amai Mask-OPM.png Amai Mask Mamoru Miyano Ben Lepley
Iairon-OPM.png Iairon Yoshimasa Hosoya Xander Mobus
Blue Fire-OPM.png Blue Fire Shintarō Asanuma Kyle McCarley
Stinger-OPM.png Stinger Tomokazu Seki Chris Hackney
Lightning Max-OPM.png Lightning Max Sōichirō Hoshi Ben Pronsky
Spring Mustachio-OPM.png Spring Mustachio Makoto Yasumura David W. Collins
Golden Ball-OPM.png Golden Ball Sōta Arai Kaiji Tang
Sneck-OPM.png Snakebite Snek Shinichirō Miki Kirk Thornton
B-Class Superheroes
Fubuki-OPM.png Fubuki / Blizzard from Hell Saori Hayami Laura Post
Eyelashes-OPM.png Eyelashes Yoshiaki Hasegawa Sean Chiplock
Jet Nice Guy-OPM.png Jet Nice Guy Arnie Pantoja
Tanktop Black Hole-OPM.png Tanktop Black Hole Atsushi Imaruoka Joshua Tomar
C-Class Superheroes
Mumen Rider-OPM.png Mumen Rider Yūichi Nakamura Robbie Daymond
Tanktop Tiger-OPM.png Tanktop Tiger Hiromu Miyazaki Chris Tergliafera
Battery Man-OPM.png Battery Man Hiromichi Tezuka Doug Erholtz
All Backman-OPM.png All Back-Man Bill Rogers
Bunbun Man-OPM.png Bunbunman Tatsuhisa Suzuki Zeno Robinson
DPad-OPM.png D-Pad Hiroki Gotō Kyle Hebert
Funeral Suspenders-OPM.png Funeral Suspenders Shinya Hamazoe Lex Lang
Dr.Genus-OPM.png Doctor Genus Daisuke Namikawa Ray Chase
Hammerhead-OPM.png Hammerhead Wataru Takagi Edward Bosco
Deep Sea King OPM.png Deep Sea King Rikiya Koyama Keith Silverstein
Melzalgald-OPM.png Melzalgald Kōki Uchiyama Vic Mignogna
Boros-OPM.png Lord Boros Toshiyuki Morikawa Chris Jai Alex
Geryuganshoop-OPM.png Geryuganshoop Hiroki Gotō Brian Beacock
Sonic-OPM.png Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Yūki Kaji Erik Kimerer
Dr Kuseno-OPM.png Dr. Kuseno Kenichi Ogata Doug Stone
Charanko-OPM.png Charanko Toshiki Masuda Todd Haberkorn
Sitch-OPM.png Sitch Nobuo Tobita Kirk Thornton
Bespectacled Worker-OPM.png Bespectacled Worker Yōji Ueda Kyle Hebert
Bearded Worker-OPM.png Bearded Worker Shōta Yamamoto Marc Diraison
(eps. 1-6)
David W. Collins
(eps. 16-17)
Operator-OPM.png Z Branch Operator Kanami Satō Xanthe Huynh

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Vaccine Man-OPM.png Vaccine Man Ryūsei Nakao Christopher Sabat 1
Crablante-OPM.png Crablante Yukitoshi Tokumoto Tom Fahn
Chin Kid-OPM.png Split-Chinned Child Ami Naitō Julie Ann Taylor
Marugori Monster-OPM.png
Marugori Shinya Hamazoe Bryce Papenbrook
Fukegao-OPM.png Fukegao Takuma Suzuki Kirk Thornton
BariCustom-OPM.png Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II Hiroki Gotō Benjamin Diskin
Underlord-OPM.png Subterranean King Yōji Ueda Kirk Thornton
Mosquito Girl-OPM.png Mosquito Girl Miyuki Sawashiro Cristina Valenzuela 2
Mantis-OPM.png Kamakyuri Yoshiaki Hasegawa Kyle Hebert
Slugerous-OPM.png Slugerous Kenta Sasa Chris Cason
Frog-OPM.png Frog Man Hiroki Gotō Kirk Thornton
Beast King-OPM.png Beast King Jirō Saitō Paul St. Peter
Ground Dragon-OPM.png Ground Dragon Shinya Hamazoe Benjamin Diskin
Armored Gorilla-OPM.png Armored Gorilla Shōta Yamamoto Kaiji Tang 2-3
Asura Kabuto-OPM.png Carnage Kabuto Unshō Ishizuka Mike McFarland 3
Zeniru-OPM.png Zeniru Hiroki Gotō Kirk Thornton 4
Zeniru's Butler-OPM.png Zeniru's Butler Yōji Ueda Chris Cason
Kombu Infinity-OPM.png Kombu Infinity Ami Naitō Tara Sands 6
Hater Man-OPM.png Pudgy Guy Shinya Hamazoe Todd Haberkorn 9
Shibabawa-OPM.png Shibabawa Kimiko Saitō Barbara Goodson
Ancient King-OPM.png Ancient King Hiroki Gotō Jamieson Price 10
Sky King-OPM.png Sky King Christopher Corey Smith
Groribas-OPM.png Groribas Shinya Hamazoe Bill Rogers
Alien-OPM.png Alien Gunner Arnie Pantoja 11-12
Pluton-OPM.png Pluton Lex Lang 12

Additional Voices


  • Christopher Sabat (a typically Dallas-based voice actor) voices Vaccine Man in Episode 1. This was done as a casting gag, as Vaccine Man bears a strong resemblance to Piccolo (also voiced by Sabat) from Dragon Ball Z.
    • In addition, Mike McFarland (another Dallas-based voice actor) also made a guest appearance as Carnage Kabuto in Episode 3.
  • Marieve Herington who voiced Tornado of Terror / Tatsumaki in the show's first season was unable to reprise her role for the show's second season as she became a Union-only voice actress and the dub was non-union, with Corina Boettger taking over as Tatsumaki.
  • Due to Marc Diraison suddenly becoming inactive in dubbing his roles as Bearded Worker and Pig God were replaced with David W. Collins and Brook Chalmers respectively for the second season.


Date(s) Channel Country
2016 Cartoon Network
(Adult Swim/Toonami)
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Warner Home Video 2017 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
2 Discs
BD The Complete Series A
2 Discs

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