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Once Upon a Time (German: Maria d'Oro und Bello Blue) is a 1973 West German animated musical film written and directed by Roberto Gavioli and Rolf Kauka. The story is based on the German fairytale Mother Hulda.

It was released in the United States by G. G. Communications. The English cast is unknown.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
King Martin Hirthe ???
Prince Uwe Paulsen
Narrator Jochen Schröder
Mr. Bottle Arnold Marquis
Maria Eva-Maria Werth
Mary Lou Ursula Heyer
Cobbler Wolfgang Spier
Notary Harry Wüstenhagen
Apple Tree Hans Schwarz, Jr.
Stepmother Tilly Lauenstein
Herald Gerd Dunwer
Frog King Eduard Wandrey
Mother Holle Jochen Schröder