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On the Spectrum (Hebrew: על הספקטרום‎, romanized: Al Haspectrum) is an Israeli comedy-drama television series created by Dana Idisis and Yuval Shafferman and produced by yes TV and Sumayoko Productions. The series premiered in Israel on May 22, 2018. The show won Best Drama Series in the 2018 Israeli Ophir Awards.

The show won the 2018 Grand Jury Prize in the French Séries Mania festival, making it the second Israeli series to claim the award. It is the first Israeli show that been accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival and the only non-English show at the festival in 2018.

In 2020, Amazon Studios has picked up the series for an English remake adaptation, after ordering a pilot in 2019.

In 2021, HBO Max bought series' rights for North American streaming. The series available with subtitles first aired on the platform on April 2 to coincide with Autism Awareness Day.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Ron Niv Majar TBA
Zohar Naomi Levov Sarah Anne Williams
Amit Ben Yosipovich TBA
Erez Avi Dangur Ventus Russell
Asher Ori Gat TBA
Yael Tal Yakimov TBA
Nava Ruti Holtzman TBA
Alex Itamar Rotschild TBA
Lior Reef Neeman TBA
Omar Shadi Mari TBA
Tamir TBA Kellen Goff
Paz Herman Sigalit Fuchs TBA
Mali Liraz Chamami Amielynn Abellera
Ron Dor Muskal TBA
Shimon Yaakov Zada Daniel Shane McKaskle
Date Nir Strauss TBA

Additional Voices

  • Leanne Agmon
  • Kellen Goff
  • Kae McSpadden
  • Randolph Thompson



  • For this project, VSI Los Angeles brought in voice actors who are on the autism spectrum to provide an accurate representation of the characters and their stories.

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Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
HBO Max TBA HBO Max Original Digital 16+ United States

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