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Ocean Productions, Inc. (also known as The Ocean Group, Ocean Media or Ocean Studios) is a production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that produces localizations for distribution in Canada and the United States. Ocean has produced thousands of animation properties distributed partners and clients. Ocean also does domestic animation.

Production services include voice recording, ADR, translation, scriptwriting, and video editing for animated TV series, films and video games. A great deal of their work is produced at Ocean Studios Ltd. in Vancouver and Blue Water Studios in Calgary and Edmonton.








  • Spiff and Hercules (1989)
  • Heroes on Hot Wheels (1990)
  • Authentic Adventures of Professor Thompson (1992-1994)
  • Troll Tales (1999)
  • Jungo (2002-2003)
  • The World of Piwi (2002-2003)
  • Draw with Piwi (2003)
  • Mix Master (2005-2006) (for MoonScoop Group)
  • Move with Mimik (2009)
  • Flash & Dash (2009)
  • Bibi & Tina (2009-2017) (for Kiddinx)
  • The Little Prince (2010-2015) (for Method Animation)
  • Tara Duncan: The Evil Empress (2010-2011) (for MoonScoop Group)
  • Tobot (2010-2015) (for Young Toys)
  • Tobot Athlon (2015-2017) (for Young Toys)
  • The Haunted House: Secret of the Ghost Ball (2016-2017) (for CJ E&M)
  • Mr. Magoo (2018-2019) (for Xilam)
  • Tobot: Galaxy Detectives (2018-) (for Young Toys)




  • Ultraman Zearth (1996) (for Tsuburaya Productions)
  • Ultraman 2: Superhuman War (1997) (for Tsuburaya Productions)
  • Dark Soldier D (1998) (for Bandai Entertainment)
  • Death Note (2006) (for Viz Media)
  • Death Note 2: The Last Name (2006) (for Viz Media)
  • L: Change the World (2008) (for Viz Media)

Talent Pool

The majority of Ocean's dubs are recorded in-house, with the occasional dub recorded at Westwood Studios. This list does not include the cast for their Calgary-based Blue Water Studios.

Since 2010, many of Ocean's dubs are split between studios, with a portion of the cast recorded at the non-unionized Blue Water as a cost cutting measure. Voice actors from both studios have appeared in several recent Ocean dubs, including Beyblade Burst and Gintama.

Voice Actors

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* defunct/inactive/retired

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