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Nola Klop (born October 9, 1995) is a Dutch-born American voice actress, singer and songwriter. She is a bilingual voice actor who has done shows in both English and Dutch.

She's well known for voicing V in the web series Murder Drones and Poppy and Stella Greyber in the survival horror game Poppy Playtime.


Nola Klop is a bilingual (Dutch, American and British) full-time voice actor, singer, voice-over, songwriter and YouTuber. Nola has always been fascinated by sound. Growing up in a creative and musical family, she found her place in theater, animation, games and music. Born a storyteller, she creates narrative with a lot of passion, whether by voice, music or sound. In 2016 she finished her Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition for the Media) at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Because of her education and experience as a music technologist, Nola works fast and efficient in her broadcast quality home studio, but also gladly visits a studio of the client's choice.


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  • Gunbuster (1988-1989) - Linda Yamamoto (ep. 4)

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