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New Cutey Honey (Japanese: 新・キューティーハニー, Hepburn: Shin Kyūtī Hanī, also known as New Super Android Cutey Honey or New Cutie Honey) is a 1994, Japanese anime series in the Cutie Honey media franchise created by Go Nagai.


The forces of evil were looking for trouble; they found Cutey! In a futuristic world were evil comes in all shapes and sizes, she is the ultimate weapon. She's Cutey Honey, a one woman S.W.A.T. team whose android chassis is capable of changing at will into a dazzling array of hard-hitting, curvaceous bodies each with it's own set of special skills, weapons and other impressive physical attributes. Go Nagai's legendary android super-hero is back and hitting the bad guys where it hurts most.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Honey Kisaragi / Cutey Honey Michiko Neya Jessica Calvello
Chokkei Hayami Rika Matsumoto David Nance
Danbei Hayami Kōsei Tomita Tristan MacAvery
Daiko Hayami Rika Fukami Tiffany Grant
Akakabu Hayami Wataru Takagi Greg Stanley
Mayor Light Sho Hayami Jason Douglas
Black Maiden Taeko Yamada Tamara Lo
Dolmeck Yusaka Yara Bryan Bounds
Peeping Spider Hirohiko Kakegawa Guil Lunde
Panther Zora Kumiko Takizawa Michelle Fitzgerald
Natsuko Junko Iwao Jenny Strader


Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
ADV Films 2000 DVD The Complete Series 1
United States United States
2 Volumes
2004 The Complete Series
2 Discs
Discotek Media 2019 Bluray fontlogo 3 The Complete Series A
1 Disc

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